Where do I get my VOE form?

VOE stands for Verification of Enrollment.  You can get it from your high school if they allow you to request the form from your school office.  You’ll need this form when applying for your permit.If you are not in high school but are getting your GED instead, you’ll need to bring the form to your GED program’s office and get them to sign as the administrator.If you are home-schooled, here’s how to fill out the VOE:
  1. Write “Home School” or the name of your home school on the top left corner of the form and your county on the top right corner of the form.
  2. Check the first box, indicating your student is enrolled in a home school.
  3. Type or print the student’s name.
  4. Type or print one parent’s name and phone number in Administrator/Designee section.
  5. Both the student and the parent must sign and date the form.