17 Secrets Aceable Employees Will Never Tell You

Think you know everything that goes on at the Aceable office? Here’s 17 secrets Aceable employees will   never   tell you. Oops, we just did.

  1. We read all of your App Store and Google Play reviews. All of them. We even discuss select reviews in our weekly meetings as a way to motivate the team and learn what we can do better.

  2. We get a lot of calls from people who think Aceable is the driver license office. It’s not, but we’ll help you find it.


3. Also, the people who answer those phone calls are some of the nicest and hardest working people we know. Be nice to them back.

  1. We get giddy when you tweet at us or tag us in an insta. We especially love your permit and license selfies because they makes us feel like a proud mom/dad/robot.

  2. Also, we LOL when people troll us on social media. Just … no.

beyonce-skai-jackson Mmmmmk.

  1. Our office kind of matches the design of the course. There’s a lot of teal and white, and more than one illustration of Ace.

  2. We spend a lot of time wondering what teenagers do and like and care about. Even though some of us were teenagers like five years ago. (A lot has changed since 2011, alright?)

  3. We know weirdly specific information about state laws, especially those related to driving. For example, in North Carolina, mopeds are not entitled to a full lane, and other cars can pass them within the same lane. Weird, right? Also, the official drink of almost every state is milk.

official-state-drink 9. There’s people in our office whose main job is testing the product to make sure it works perfectly for you. To do this, we’ve created about a zillion different accounts and some of us probably know the first chapter of each course by heart.

  1. When you guys give us feedback, answer our survey questions or respond to our DMs it truly means the world. We absolutely love our customers.

  2. The voice of Ace is a guy named … ah, nevermind, we’re not gonna spoil that one.

voice-of-aceable No it's not

  1. We really do care about you guys learning safe driving skills and being responsible on the road. We need our baby Acelets to stay safe and sound!!!

  2. We’re not like, obsessed with driving. Some of us walk or bike to work instead. Environmentally friendly for the win!

  3. We remember the names of some of our very first students. Heart y’all.

aceable-drivers-ed 15. We love education, and not just drivers education. It’s not unusual to find a team member giving a presentation on a subject they’re passionate about, like improv, cybersecurity or body language, to name a few.

  1. We probably play Pokémon Go more than you.

  2. We think it’s adorable when you say you’ll miss Ace upon finishing the course. Promise he’ll miss you, too.

Krista Doyle
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