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State-Approved & Certified Online Driving Courses

Learn the skills you need to become a safe driver with our fun-sized lesson plans and interactive teaching methods.

No matter your learning style, our videos, pop-up questions, and robot voice-over can help you understand and retain the information on our drivers ed online course.

With our mobile platform and portable content, the world is your classroom. If you have any questions about our drivers ed classes, Aceable can assist you.

Our Online Drivers Ed Courses

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DMV Course #E2017

California Teen Drivers Ed

Use Aceable’s study guide, practice tests, and parent tools to ace your California DMV written and driving tests. With our easy-to-use mobile course and engaging content, you’ll be cruising down Route 1 in no time.

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DHSMV Course #NR2

Florida Drug and Alcohol Course

In just four hours with our course, you could be on the road! With fun, engaging, interactive content, this course will have you driving in Florida in no time.

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Final Exam Only

Official Florida Permit Test

Already took the Drug & Alcohol Course? Pass the Florida Knowledge Exam online and skip this step at the DHSMV.

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Georgia DDS-licensed

Georgia Drivers Ed

We're the easy and convenient way for Georgia teens to meet DDS requirements for drivers ed.

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SecState #3352

Illinois Adult Drivers Ed

In just six hours, you could be on the road in Illinois! Our exam prep will help you ace that written test.

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Nevada Drivers Ed

Earn your Nevada drivers license faster than ever. Take our course online. Unlimited practice tests included.

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BMV Course #C2839

Ohio Teen Drivers Ed

Ace your Ohio written test with this course - packed with memes, videos, and interactive learning tools to make sure you become a world-class driver!

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OK DPS Approved Course

Oklahoma Parent Taught Drivers Ed

Our courses are 100% certified by the Oklahoma DPS and include everything you need to prepare for your driving test and get your license as early as possible.

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TDLR Course #C2839

Texas Adult Drivers Ed

Pass the course and skip the DPS written test with adult drivers ed. In just six hours you could be hitting the road, Aceable style.

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TDLR Course #C2839

Texas Instructor Taught Drivers Ed

Get your Texas driving permit quickly with this course. Course includes your Texas DPS written exam and gives you the option to choose your behind-the-wheel provider.

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TDLR Course #116

Texas Parent Taught Drivers Ed (PTDE)

Six hours with this course and you could be in the driver's seat! Includes Texas DPS written exam, a parent account, and behind-the-wheel training tools.

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Aceable's Online Learning

Aceable is a new way to experience drivers ed - fully online, mobile, and engaging. We want you to learn how to be a safe driver from the start. From state-approved teen and adult drivers ed to state-specific study guides, we have a course that fits your needs.

Whether you're on your mobile phone, iPad, or computer, your progress is saved across every device, so you can adjust your online drivers education course to fit your busy schedule.

Getting your learner's permit or driver's license shouldn't be boring and it's Aceable's mission to make that process as enjoyable as possible.

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Why Aceable?

  • A drivers ed online course has never been this fun! Memes, pop-up questions, and videos make Aceables online driving course the best choice when you’re learning to drive. Our self-paced mobile platform makes it easy to fit drivers ed into your busy schedule.

  • Our license checklist will walk you through your drivers ed journey from start to finish. If you have any questions about the (long and sometimes confusing) process, our customer experience heroes are available via phone or chat 7 days a week.

  • Our teen and adult drivers ed courses are state-certified and guaranteed 100% legit. They’re accessible anytime, anywhere via your computer, iPad, or mobile phone. You don’t have to worry about losing your progress because Aceable picks up exactly where you left off, no matter what device you’re using.

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Which States Allow Online Drivers Education?

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