The Dangers of Driving on Cold Medicine

Well, it’s finally here. The dreaded, the worst, everyone’s least favorite thing: cold and flu season.It’s a bittersweet arrival. As much as we love fall and its pumpkin spice lattes, flannels, and holidays, there’s not a single person on the planet who welcomes sniffles and sickness with open arms.Flu season means heading to the local […]

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How to Go Leaf Peeping

We’re four days into October, which means that these are officially the days of red, yellow, and orange. Watching the leaves change colors means many things. It means it’s almost time to watch Hocus Pocus (if you haven’t already), it means the holidays are right around the corner, and it means that it’s time to […]

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How To Avoid Purchasing A Flood Damaged Car

While a devastating storm brings countless damages to homes and cities, one of the often overlooked consequences is the increase in water-damaged cars. Post-hurricane season, especially now, after three major storms have blown through Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico, the used-car market will be overloaded with flood-injured vehicles. Scammers may begin dumping damaged cars at […]

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