15 Bizarre Traffic Laws

We teach you a lot in our driver education courses, but there are some really bizarre traffic laws we don’t cover simply because they’re so, well, weird. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite mind-blowing traffic laws for your reading enjoyment. Whether or not these laws are actually enforced, we’re not totally sure, but they still make […]

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Our 30 Favorite Memories From 2016

It’s been an amazing year at Aceable. We’ve helped thousands of students achieve their goals of getting a driver license, continued to improve our mobile-first education platform every day, expanded into new states and verticals, and had a little fun along the way. (Well, actually, a lot of fun.) As the year comes to a […]

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Christmas Playlist for Your Winter Break Road Trip: 75 Songs

Traveling to your grandparents’ house for Christmas dinner? Or maybe you’re taking a road trip to the tropics. Whether you’re helping out with the family driving this winter break or sitting in the backseat of mom’s suburban, you need an epic Christmas playlist to keep you entertained. Here’s our top 75 picks for your road trip […]

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