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25 Best Texas High School Baseball Stadiums and Fields

Hot days, balmy nights, the smell of hot dogs and nachos in the morning, afternoon, and evening…it is officially baseball season! Here are the 25 best high school baseball stadiums and fields in Texas. 1. Kerrville Tivy – Kerrville, Texas Originally built around 2000, Kerrville Tivy’s high school baseball field has one of the best natural […]

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Top 5 Best Bands From Oklahoma

Oklahoma has given us many things over the years: Sonic Drive-In, the setting for the 1996 cinematic masterpiece Twister, and winds that come sweepin’ down the plain. Most of all, it has given us great music. To help jog your memory, we have compiled a list of what are arguably the five best bands to […]

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10 Best Movies About Prom

Ah, prom. Simultaneously the most talked-about and disappointing event of our high school careers. For many of us, attending prom was a rite of passage, a clear demarcation between high school naivete and collegiate young adulthood.With all the mystique and anticipation surrounding prom, it’s only natural that the event acts as a centerpiece of most […]

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