20 Biggest Public High Schools in Texas

Everything's bigger in Texas! Including many of our high schools. And according to the most recent data from the National Center for Education Statistics , here are the top 20 biggest public schools that the Lone Star State has to offer:

20. Klein Collins High School

The first of a number of Klein high schools on this list, the 3,580 Klein Collins Tigers represent the 20th largest high school enrollment in the state. That’s a lot of Tigers!

19. Klein Forest High School

There’s a big flock of Golden Eagles up in Klein. 3,589 Golden Eagles, to be exact. Klein’s second high school, Klein Forest, opened its doors in 1979 and has been churning out Grade-A students ever since.

18. Cypress Lakes High School

With 10 more students than Klein Forest, Cy-Lakes High School comes in at #18 on the list with 3,599 students. According to Wikipedia, the school’s original name was Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District High School #10. Apparently that name didn’t stick though, and the school was quickly renamed Cypress Lakes.

17. Judson High School

Just northeast of downtown San Antonio lies Judson High School, where 3,628 Rockets are spending their high school years. Even more impressive, the football team holds the all-time Texas state record with 41 consecutive winning seasons, from 1977 through 2017!

16. Oak Ridge High School

Home of the War Eagles, this Conroe high school serves a whopping 3,637 students! And, if you want to get your friend’s birthday announced on the marquee, let me save you some time: here’s a link . (Additional fact: The author of this article played against the Oak Ridge football team in 2006 and lost 63-0.)

15. Cy-Fair High School

First opened in 1941, Cy-Fair High School was the first high school in the Cypress. Today, it boasts a strong student body of 3,656. A bit of trivia, although all the schools that start with Cypress commonly go by their “Cy” nickname, Cy-Fair High School is the only school with it as their official name.

14. Cypress Falls High School

The second Golden Eagles on our list, Cy-Falls boasts an impressive student body of 3,667. Not only does Cy-Falls have one of the best music programs in the state, but it’s also where MLB pitcher and 3-time All-Star Scott Kazmir went to school.

13. Bellaire High School

Highly-decorated Bellaire High School comes in at number 13 with 3,689 students. BHS also boasts an impressive alumni list, including the actor Dennis Quaid and director Richard Linklater.

12. Klein Oak High School

Alma Mater to Big Bang Theory’s Jim Parsons, Oak’s 3,883 students attend Klein’s second largest high school. The first largest? (scroll down)

11. Klein High School

Since 1938, Klein High School has been serving the Klein area (named after German immigrant Adam Klein who settled the area in 1854). It’s current student body of 3,885 beats Klein Oak by only 2 students.

10. Alief Hasting High School

Alief Hastings High School’s 3,890 students go to school right next to, in my opinion, the best-named stadium in Texas, LeRoy Crump Stadium.

9. Duncanville High School

In the Dallas suburb of Duncanville a whopping 3,923 students attend Duncanville High School. Notable Panther alumni include current governor of Texas, Greg Abbott. They also have one of the most storied girls basketball teams in the state.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kma3wXESQkc 8. Elsik High School

Elsik is home to 3,984 students. But one of its most interesting facts is that not too long ago, none other than high school-aged Beyoncé Knowles was roaming the hallways. Alumni don’t get much better than that.

7. Dobie High School

Finally cracking the 4,000 mark is Dobie High School. The 4,010 students that attend Dobie High School are known as the Longhorns. Why, you ask? Well, school namesake and famous Texan author, J. Frank Dobie, is credited with helping to save the horned animal.

6. Deer Park High School

Just east of Houston lies Deer Park, with 4,103 students. One of Deer Park’s most interesting traits? They have a competitive club for German Folk Dancing and they are amazing!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WAuzxb1s0yk 5. The Woodlands High School

Nestled up in the northern Houston suburb of The Woodlands, The Woodlands High School is home to 4,142 Highlanders and the former home of Patriots wide receiver Danny Amendola.

4. United High School

The second Longhorn mascot on the list, United High School in Laredo has a student body of 4,157. And with that many students, if each one gave you just one dollar, you could buy at least like 800 fidget spinners.

3. North Shore High School

Out in East Houston lies the massive North Shore High School. With 4,664 students, that’s a jump of 507 students from United High School. It’s alumni include a number of former NFL players and the Who keyboardist, John Bundrick.

https://twitter.com/cillab1121/status/963756990685155328 2. Skyline High School

Named after their view of the famous Dallas skyline, Skyline High Schools boasts 4,790 students! Also according to the school, it is the first and biggest magnet school in the state.

1. Allen High School

I’ll admit, this ranking is a little controversial. That’s because the 4,536 that make up Allen High School doesn’t include freshman. Freshman attend the Becky Lowery Freshman Center across the street. But, if you put together both those schools, the enrollment would be a staggering 6,450 — easily taking the top spot.

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