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The 3 Scariest Things About Driving Ambassador

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Hey there Acelets, my name is Savina and I'm going to be a Junior at Post High School. I enjoy talking to my friends and sleeping A LOT! Sometimes I also like driving, but I'm always nervous for various reasons.

Ever since I was about five years old, I always thought driving was the most awesome thing in the world. In my eyes, it made you "cool." Riding in the backseat was like torture for me. I wanted to be behind the wheel. It got to the point that I would sit in the backseat behind my mom with a paper plate as my steering wheel, and the little plastic things on the bottom of the seat as my brakes and gas pedal. (At this point in time I was unaware that you only use one foot to drive a car.)

Anyways, now that I have completed my drivers ed and have had my permit (for some time now), I have found that it is not easy to drive. In the backseat, driving looked like a piece of cake. But once I got behind the wheel, boy was I in for a surprise. Now that I am legal to drive, I find driving to be a chore because of all the responsibilities that come with it. There are many reasons why I find driving scary.

Reason Number One: Tickets

When you are in the backseat, seeing a cop really doesn't bother you. It's just like, "Oh, who cares? It's a cop. They're not that scary." And while you are thinking this, the person driving is getting nervous even though they likely aren’t doing anything wrong. When I started driving, the only thing running through my head was cops. Just the thought of getting pulled over freaked me out. Don’t get me wrong – cops are good guys, but I do not want those pretty lights in my rearview mirror. The first time a cop came up behind me while I was driving, I did what I shouldn't have done: I hit the brakes and pulled off the road. My mother was in the passenger seat screaming, "You're gonna get pulled over!" Thankfully, I didn't. Just the thought of one of them coming up to my window is enough to make me want to cry. Needless to say, I’m not a traffic-law-breaking kinda girl.

Reason Number Two: An Accident

Even in the backseat, wrecks have always scared me. There are always stories on the news about fatal car accidents, and just knowing that there is a possibility that this can happen while I am behind the wheel reminds how important driving safely is. Knowing that I am responsible for the lives of people in my vehicle and in other vehicles on the road is a heavy burden to carry. You never realize how alert a person has to be while driving until you actually experience it.

Reason Number Three: Hitting an Object

I am the type of person that will walk across the street when a car is coming, because they're supposed to stop anyways. Every time I do this I never think about how the driver feels. It's so frightening to be behind the wheel going 70 miles per hour, and something dashes out in front of you, whether that something is an animal, person, or a tumbleweed. I could never live knowing I hit someone with my vehicle. Every time I take off driving I hope no one will be in the street. If I am driving, and I see kids playing or someone walking, I tend to avoid going down that street. Not to say that I will always do this, but as a fairly new driver, I think it is a good policy for me. Hopefully one day I will be comfortable enough to drive by parks and big events. Baby steps, right?

Overall, I’d say driving is a job. It can be fun, and many people really enjoy it, but you just have to stay focused constantly. And ALWAYS - I mean ALWAYS - use your mirrors, and NEVER EVER take your eyes off of the road. As long as you are aware of your surroundings, you will be safe.

Krista Doyle