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Win $500 Through Aceable's Backseat Karaoke Competition

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Do you love to sing in the shower?


Have you been known to jam out in the car?


Do you enjoy serenading bae with a sweet melody?


Then you should probably -- no, definitely -- enter our Backseat Karaoke contest: a competition for amateur singers and true talents alike. We're giving away $500 to the best backseat karaoke master and that could very well be you! All you have to do to enter is send Aceable a video of you singing (or lip syncing) your heart out. Share or tag us using the hashtag #BackseatKaraoke on any social media platform -- Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter or -- for a chance to win! You've got until April 15, so plenty of time to warm up those vocal chords.

Think all of the things you could buy for $500 ... actual singing lessons, a plane ticket to Alaska or half a pair of Yeezy's. The possibilities are endless. Enter today and get all the monies you need to have an amaze spring break! We're excited to hear those pipes.

P.S. No filming yourself singing while driving! That's dangerous and totally not Aceable. Keep it in the backseat, please and thank you!

Krista Doyle