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Best Skateparks in Oakland

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Skateboarding and California have always gone hand-in-hand, since the advent of the sport in the late 1950s. While the Bay Area may not have quite as many skateparks as areas throughout Southern California, there are still plenty of places to skate, jump, and ride around with your friends. Many professional skateboarders call California home, so you never know who you may run into at these skateparks. Check out our best picks for the parks around the Oakland area.

Fairfield Rotary Skatepark

Fairfield Skatepark, also known as Allan Witt Rotary Skatepark, located in Fairfield, California, is the perfect park for skaters of all experience levels. The elements of the park are large and spaced out, allowing for plenty of room to open up and gain some good speed. The bowls are a unique “F” shape, which is good for transition skaters, and there are some street elements like stairs, rails, and ledges. The park is free to skate and is open daily from sunrise to sunset.

fairfield rotary skatepark

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Lamorinda Skatepark

Lamorinda Skatepark is located in a small park in Moraga, California. The park is clean and well kept, and there are plenty of elements to work on your tricks. There are stairs, ledges, and rails to jump around on as well as a small bowl to gain some speed and work on transitions. Safety gear is required and the park is open from 9 A.M. to dusk every day. There are also some benches around the sides so parents or friends can watch if they don’t want to join in on the fun.

lamorinda skatepark

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City View Skatepark

City View Skatepark is located in a really cool spot - a former Naval base in Alameda, California. Open from dawn to dusk every day, this spacious park has plenty of space. With elements like a concrete bowl, steel ramps, quarter pipes, and ledges, City View has something for everyone. The views and structures of the Naval base make for a cool atmosphere surrounding the park, and there are always skaters around to learn from and make friends with. Safety gear is required and there are water fountains and restrooms to allow you to keep staking all day long.

city view skatepark

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Berkeley Skatepark

Berkeley Skatepark is located in Harrison Park in Berkeley, California. This 18,000 square foot park has a separate area for beginners, which is perfect for everyone looking to build up their confidence on a board. It also houses a large bowl and a fun box, perfect for gaining lots of speed. This park also has some really cool skateboarding programs, including Skate Club. The club meets every Saturday for three hours so members can improve their skills and learn from experienced instructors. Berkeley Skatepark is open from 8:30 am to 9:30 pm daily and protective gear is required.

berkeley skatepark

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