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Best Skateparks in Orange County

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Orange County, California has beautiful, sunny weather for most of the year, making it the perfect place for skateboarding. Southern California is synonymous with skateboarding, so there are numerous skateparks around the entire area. Read on to discover our favorite parks around Orange County for practicing tricks with your friends and watching other skaters.

Vans Skatepark

vans skatepark

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Vans owns and operates this skatepark located in Orange, California. The park consists of five different areas to skate, four of which are indoors. The Main Street Course features 20,000 square feet of popular street obstacles, like stairs, rails, banks, and ledges. There is also a warm-up area, which contains all of the same features as the Main Street Course but on a smaller scale, making it perfect for beginners to develop all of their skills.

Another section of the park holds the Combi-pool, a 12-foot deep replica of the popular pool from the Upland Pipeland Skatepark in the 1980s. The mini ramp at Vans Skatepark is 80 feet wide and ranges from five to nine feet high. Vans also has an outdoor course for enjoying that amazing SoCal weather.

The course changes from time to time, so check it out regularly to see what obstacles they have up. The park has equipment rentals, offers lessons, and hosts birthday parties. All skaters are required to wear full safety gear.

Morales Skateboarding Company

morales skatepark

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Morales Skateboarding Company is an indoor skatepark located in Placentia, California. This park is a little different than the others on this list because it is a park that provides private lessons to adults and children who want to learn to skate a bowl and a halfpipe at their own pace. These lessons allow everyone to build up their confidence on a board, an important aspect of staying safe at busy skateparks.

Come alone or bring a friend, and an instructor will be there with you to guide you along. They teach basics like keeping your speed and ramp etiquette. This is the perfect option for anyone feeling too intimidated to jump into a skatepark with more advanced skaters.

Volcom Skatepark of Costa Mesa

volcom skatepark

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Volcom Skatepark, a 15,000 square foot park in Costa Mesa, California. It's the perfect place for serious skaters. The city of Costa Mesa and Volcom collaborated to create this park and the atmosphere allows for the younger crowd to mix with more advanced skaters. The street section is easy to navigate alongside the kidney-shaped bowl and the old-school-style pool. The park requires all safety gear and is open seven days a week. There are also a few spectator areas for those who want to enjoy the sun and see the tricks but don’t want to get in on the action.

Etnies Skatepark of Lake Forest

etnies skatepark

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Etnies Skatepark holds the title of the largest free skatepark in America at over 62,000 square feet. This one-of-a-kind park in Lake Forest, California has countless elements and features, including bowls, banks, ledges, rails, ramps, stairs, quarter pipes, and so much concrete to skate for hours on end. The park is free for everyone, but non-residents are required to purchase a one-time non-resident pass for $5. All safety gear and a completed waiver are required upon entry.

Ralphs Skate Court

ralphs skatepark

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Ralphs, located in San Clemente, California, is an old-school, 14,000-square-foot skatepark. The park includes a smaller bowl perfect for beginners, and lots of ledges and rails to practice getting some air. The park and the city of San Clemente hold a yearly open skate contest to raise money for things like more lighting and a possible addition to the park. Safety gear is required and Ralphs is open from dusk until dawn daily.

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