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Does Drivers Ed Matter? And More Worries About Teen Drivers

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Like many parents, my dad was anxious the first time he taught me how to drive in an abandoned parking lot near our home. Sure, there weren't many hazards to worry about as I navigated at 10 mph across a half-acre of asphalt, but it was just the beginning of a lifetime of him worrying about me driving home safely.

It's natural for parents to be nervous about their teens on the road. Thankfully, legislators, scholars and health professionals have worked hard to make driving safer for teenagers by enacting graduated license laws, improving driver education, and studying causes and recommending solutions for high car accident rates among adolescents. In fact, researchers at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln published a study in 2015 that showed teens who have not completed driver's ed are 24% more likely to have a fatal or injury accident, and 75% more likely to get a traffic violation. At Aceable, we strive to make parents feel more at ease about their teen getting behind the wheel by providing a drivers ed program that is comprehensive, engaging and affordable. Take a look at some of the statistics you should know about teen drivers below.

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