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Drivers Ed Teacher Has a Powerful Story

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You learn a lot of new information in drivers ed. When someone is explaining all those rules of the road - whether it's a teacher, parent, or a robot named Ace - it's easy to get caught up in memorizing the technical stuff. But one drivers ed teacher had a tragic story that made his students think about driving differently.

Read the full story by Ken Kupchik on OppositeLock.

Kupchik's instructor was paralyzed by a motorcycle crash. He took a curve too fast and was flung from his bike. When he woke up later in a hospital bed, he learned that he would never be able to use his legs again. It's a sad reminder that safe driving habits (like slowing down before turns to maintain traction) aren't just about passing your driving test. You have to keep applying them every time you get behind the wheel. Good driving habits help you get a license and avoid tickets. More importantly, they enable you to reach your destination alive and well.

Krista Doyle