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How to Apply for a New License in Ohio for Drivers Over 18?

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How to Apply for a New License in Ohio for Drivers 18+

Whether you’re a first-time license applicant or your previous license has been expired for longer than six months, you have a few steps before you can get your full license.

Before you can take the tests and get your full license, you have to first receive your temporary instruction permit card (TIPIC).

To get your TIPIC, you’ll need to head to your nearest driver licensing exam station.

What to do I need to bring to the BMV?

  • US Birth Certificate or US Passport
  • Social Security Card or W-2 Form
  • A document that proves your street address like a utility bill

Check out this BMV form with more information on acceptable documents

There, you must pass a knowledge exam as well as a vision exam. There’s no need to panic for this 40 question multiple choice test. You can study the free practice test offered by the BMV or use other online study materials. If you fail the knowledge test, fret not, after waiting 24 hours, you can attempt the test again with no limit on times you can take the exam. Once you pass both tests and pay the $22 fee (with cash, check, or money order), you’ll receive a receipt that you then have 60 days to take to your nearest DMV deputy registrar's office. There you’ll get your temporary instruction permit identification card (TIPIC).

Once you’ve had your TIPIC for at least 6 months, you can take the driving and maneuverability exam. If you pass on the first try, hurray you can get your full license. Unfortunately, if you don’t pass on the first try, you will have to take an Abbreviated Adult Driving Course before you can try again.

Remember to bring either cash, a check, or a money order to pay the license fee.

What are the BMV fees?

  • 21 years old or older: $23.
  • 20 years old: $19.25.
  • 19 years old: $20.50.
  • 18 years old: $21.75.

    Now you have all the information you need to go and renew your license. Good luck!

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