2018's 25 Most Beautiful High Schools in Ohio

If you keep up with the Aceable blog , then you know that we like to rank our driver's ed students’ high schools by campus beauty, innovative education programs, and even their stadiums and mascots. We love listicles almost as much as we love helping you all get your permits and licenses so that you can set out on those beautiful Ohio highways on your own. Perhaps you might want to plan a pit stop at one of this year’s most beautiful high school campuses? We could all use a little bit of art, architecture, and serenity in our lives; why not check out a few of the campuses that made the list, and see if your alma mater made the cut as well!?

25. South High School, Columbus

Though built in 1922, this Columbus school building has been remodeled three times to keep it up-to-date with the 21st century. Thankfully, its gorgeous classical facade stayed intact.

south high school

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24. Hamilton Township High School, Columbus

This beautiful campus serves over 800 students, many of whom come from economically disadvantaged neighborhoods. This interior of this oasis was used to film the 1985 film Mischief.

hamilton high school

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23. Jesup W. Scott High School, Toledo

Founded in 1913, Scott is Toledo’s oldest high school, according to The Blade .

scott high school

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22. Western Hills University High School, Cincinnati

Constructed in 1928, this Cincinnati high school is a prime example of Renaissance-influenced architecture.

western hills high school

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21. Columbus North International High School, Columbus

This campus was closed from 1979 until 2012. The first graduating class was in 1925, and this beautiful building continues to be a registered historical landmark in the area.

columbus north high school

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20. Jones Leadership Academy of Business, Toledo

Students at Jones learn to appreciate not only the place they attend school and the people who make it all happen but also the work it takes to build a business and maintain a community. Students are immersed in community service projects and learn necessary business skills, to help mold the next generation of Ohio leaders.

jones academy

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19. Waite High School, Toledo

Waite High School, designed in the Collegiate Tudor Gothic tradition, is a near replica of Scott High School, which was built just one year earlier, according to WaiteAlumni.org . Both were designed by renowned Toledo architect David L. Stine.

waite high school

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18. Hathaway Brown, Shaker Heights

Hathaway Brown (HB) is an all-girls private school in Shaker Heights, Ohio. It was founded in 1876--making it Ohio's oldest continuously operating college preparatory school for girls.

hathaway brown school

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17. The Summit Country Day School, Cincinnati

This 24-acre campus includes a building that dates back to 1890 as well as modern athletic facilities and classrooms.

summit day school

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16. Dublin Jerome High School, Dublin

Jerome High School of the Dublin School District sports a massive brick layout. It was opened in 2004, making it one of the youngest buildings on the list.

dublin jerome high school

However, it's not just the outside that counts in this case. Jerome High School boasts some of the highest average student grades in the country and ranks exceptionally well for the Program for International Student Assessment. Resident reviews are overwhelmingly positive. Needless to say, it holds a 10 out of 10 rating on Zillow.

And best of all, it has a driving school!

dublin jerome high school

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15. Warren G. Harding High School, Warren

Most of the original Warren G. Harding High School, which dates back to 1924, was demolished and rebuilt a few years ago. Luckily, contractors preserved the old facility’s Greek Revival facade, a unique design among high schools in the state.

warren harding high school

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14. Saint Charles Preparatory School, Columbus

Founded in 1923, this school has some deep roots and continues in its commitment to be a top all-boys school in the region. They are nestled on a 23-acre campus in Columbus and offer a top-notch college preparatory program to all of the enrollees.

saint charles high school

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13. New Albany High School, Columbus

Built in 1996, New Albany High School includes a natatorium, center for the arts, and artificial turf football field. They also received a 10-out-of-10 Great Schools Rating. Not bad, not bad at all...

new albany high school

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12. St. Ignatius High School, Cleveland

The Main Building at St. Ignatius High School was erected in 1891 and has a place on the list of Cleveland’s historic landmarks.

st ignatius high school

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11. Africentric Early College** , Columbus**

This 55-acre campus incorporates many elements of African culture throughout their buildings and even their school’s curriculum. For example, some of the external walls use patterns of brick that are reminiscent of the African cloth called “kente.”

africentic early college

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10. Toledo Technology Academy, Toledo

Besides having a technically beautiful face, the school also offers a curriculum that gets their students off on the right foot for a career in “Tech.” They focus on engineering and science technologies and even encourage their students to get hands-on experience as early as high school, through internship and apprenticeship programs offered from over 50 local companies.

toledo tech academy

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9. Hughes STEM High School, Cincinnati

This prime example of Tudor architecture includes a 145-ft tower and terracotta gargoyles that represent various facets of academia.

hughes stem academy

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8. Hawken School, Gates Mills

Classic plantation home meets modern day farmhouse eclectic….what do you get? Hawken School. This school focuses on developing skills to help you succeed in the real world by building your intellect AND character all at once.

hawken school

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7. Olney Friends School, Barnesville

This boarding and day school has been at its current location since 1876 — more than 140 years! The impressive campus also encompasses 350 USDA-certified organic acres.

olney school

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6. Grandview Heights High School, Columbus

Established in the early 1920s, Grandview Heights High represented a growing trend among schools of that era, according to the Grandview Heights/Marble Cliff Historical Society . The design of the building was such that it could be used by the rest of the community during off-hours and in the summer, the society’s website reads, and at one point, even served as the town’s public library.

grandview high school

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5. Gilmour Academy, Gates Mills

Founded in 1946, the 144-acre Gilmour Academy campus includes a chapel, two NHL-size ice rinks, and a 1920s-era admissions building. Initially an all-boys school, this campus is now enjoyed by lads and ladies alike. With an average class size of only 15, you're sure to get not only an enchanting educational experience but a hands-on one as well.

gilmour academy

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4. Western Reserve Academy, Hudson

The 190-acre Western Reserve campus was founded in 1826. Among the school’s 40 buildings are a historic few known as “Brick Row.”

western reserve academy

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3. Cristo Rey Columbus High School, Columbus

The French Chateau-style building that houses Cristo Rey students was built in 1899. The building, formerly the home of the School for the Deaf, was purchased and renovated by Cristo Rey just a few years ago. Also, what more can we say about that beautiful backdrop of the Columbus skyline behind it?

cristo rey high school

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2. Withrow University High School, Cincinnati

Another beauty designed by Frederick W. Garber, Withrow High School includes a 114-ft clock tower and a gorgeous arched bridge. How could dreams not come true coming from such a dreamy locale?

winthrow high school

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1. Walnut Hills High School, Cincinnati

This facade was designed by the famous architect Frederick W. Garber and was remodeled in 1931 after the rotunda at the University of Virginia. Even more impressive perhaps than its history and looks is its academic record. Walnut Hills HS tops the US News & World Report as the #1 top-ranked high school in the state.

walnut hills high school

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