Most Infamous Texas Speed Traps

It’s happened to the best of us. One minute, you’re driving along, pressing your foot a little harder on the gas pedal because you think nobody’s watching and then - bam! - there’s a cop who seemingly just appeared out of thin air to ruin your day.

speed trap Its a Speed Trap

My friend, you’ve just been had by a speed trap. It’s hard to be mad at the setback, after all, speeding is always a no-no (whether anyone is watching or not), but to be taken down by a speed trap is a special kind of torture. To help you avoid these types of traps, we’re going to tell you about some of the top speed trap cities in Texas.

According to , the ten worst Texas speed trap cities are as follows:

  1. Houston
  2. San Antonio
  3. Austin
  4. Dallas
  5. Palmer
  6. Carrollton
  7. Pasadena
  8. Timpson
  9. Riesel
  10. Milford

Let’s look a little more closely at the areas to avoid (or just proceed with caution) in our top 5 cities.


Houston is #1 in speed traps!

Area #1: Beltway 8 Northbound just before Clay Rd exit

Area #2: North Shepherd just before 11th St

Area #3: Wescott (southbound) approaching Memorial Dr

San Antonio

San Antonio San Antonio is #2 when it comes to Speed Traps

Area #1: 1604 access roads between Braun and Bandera

Area #2: O’Connor Rd driving toward I-35

Area #3: 4600 San Pedro (School Zone)


Austin Austin doesn't have a major basketball team, but that doesn't stop it from being #3!

Area #1: Comanche Trail (past Oasis Restaurant)

Area #2: S 1st and Meadow Lea

Area #3: Dean Keeton at I-35 (near UT campus)


Dallas Dallas has a basketball team and is #4 when it comes to Speed Traps

Area #1: Ross Ave downtown (no right on red)

Area #2: Forest Ln at Denton Dr

Area #3: Medical District exit before I-35


Area #1: I-45 N past MM 260 under overpass

Area #2: I-45 S MM 260/259 (usually hides in the Assembly of God church parking lot)

Area #3: I-45 S around mile marker 261

You never know where a speed trap is, so always drive within the speed limit, both because it's the law and because it will keep you safe!

Man, it felt good to expose all of those speed traps. BUT remember: even if there are no speed traps in sight, it will always be unlawful to speed. Ace is watching you. Happy driving!

Krista Doyle
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