Tips for Keeping Your Car Clean

Once you get your license and start driving regularly, you're going to be amazed at how easily your car an become a total disaster if you don't try your best to keep it clean. You guys know we love teachin' you things, so we're here to share our favorite clean car tips today. Keep reading to find out how we keep out cars spick and span.

  1. Keep a trash bag in the car

Parking passes, food wrappers (trust us, we have trouble staying away from the Taco Bell drive-thru too), drink bottles, that random drawing your friend drew in study hall and left in your car- these things add up and can create some serious clutter. And let's be honest- you know your friends have a bad habit of leaving their garbage in your car. Pro tip: keep a small trashcan or garbage bag in the back of your car. This way you can easily keep your clutter together and throw it out when you hit a gas station. Want to be eco-friendly? Use old shopping bags instead!
keep your car clean Your friends when they ride in your car 2. Wipe it down -------------

If you don't want to hit the auto store for some typically overpriced car wipes, you can easily sub in Clorox Wipes or some baby wipes instead. Give your car interior a good wipe down every few weeks to prevent dust and grime from accumulating on the surfaces. Make sure you get the steering wheel too. Your grimy little hands carry more dirt and germs than you could ever imagine. Keep a pack in your center console or in a car kit in the back of your car for quick clean ups.
keep car clean ^^ We know that's you sometimes with your sticky gum and leftover lunch sludge 3. Get on a schedule -----------------

Make a deal with yourself that you're going to give your car a good once-over every month. It's a lot easier than letting the filth build up for a year then having to do a huge overhaul and remove all those dirty gym clothes from your back seat at once. Gross, dude. Pick a nice day with some beautiful weather and get to work! If you're staying on a regular schedule, a quick clean-up should only take a few minutes.
keep car clean When you remember to clean your car this month 4. Febreze and other fabric fresheners are your friend ---------------------------------------------------

If you have leather or vinyl seats a quick wipe down every now and again should do the job. But if you car has some sweet fabric seats, it's possible that they'll absorb some smells over time. Spritz a light mist of fabric freshener on your seats and go for a drive with the windows down. We don't recommend misting then immediately shutting your car up for the day, you want to give the mist a chance to dry first.
keep car clean no one likes a smelly car fam 5. Don't forget about the floor mats ----------------------------------

Your mind will be blown when you see how much cleaning your floor mats can do for the appearance of your car. You don't really think about them much because they're on the floor, but trust us, you'll see the difference. Take out the mats and shake them clean, then take a vacuum to the floor. Use some fabric cleaner, a hose or bucker of water and a brush to scrub your floor mats clean. Lay them out to dry completely before returning them to your car.

keep car clean For the record, cats do not make good cleaning supplies 6. Watch the crumbs -----------------

Get it together. We know that crumbly chicken biscuit from Chick Fil-A is a delicious mess. Try to keep your wrapper in your lap to catch the delicious crumby goodness. If some crumbs get on your seat, just be sure to brush them out when you get out of the car. Nobody wants stale crusty biscuit flakes hanging out in their car. No sir.

keep car clean Me trying not to make a mess eating in the car 7. Sweep sweep sweep ------------------

Go to the car wash and stick some quarters in a machine. Use your parents' Shop Vac from the garage. Get a little Duster Buster to keep in your trunk. Whatever floats your boat. Give your floors and seats a sweep whenever you notice some crumbs and dirt building up. Sweeping out your car makes such a huge difference and barely takes any time at all.

keep car clean Note: Roomba automatic vacuums probably won't work in your car 8. Keep towels in your trunk --------------------------

You never know when you're going to get caught in the mud at soccer practice, or find yourself in an impromptu food fight in the school cafeteria. The last thing you want to do is drag all that sludge into your immaculately kept car. Keep some towels and large trash bags in your trunk for such occasions. This way you can easily whip them out anytime you need to protect your car from the messes life throws at you.
keep car clean

Krista Doyle
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