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How To Make Money Like Our Top Ambassadors

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Five things all sane people love: baby animals, garlic bread, wholesome memes, Aceable Drivers Ed, and dolla dolla bills. But sadly, you can’t have it all. Your wallet can only feed a few puppies, your stomach can only handle so many garlic bread refills at Olive Garden, and sometimes your friends “forget” to tag you in memes.

But no matter what, you can always count on sweet, sweet Ace. He taught you how to become a safe driver and always had a meme to cheer you up. Even if you’re finished with the course, you can go back into the Aceable app and review old driving memes for good mems. What a great way to spend a Friday night!

Ace always did you right, and now, you can share some of your Aceable love with the rest of the world and make some cold hard cash while you’re at it! You can refer your friends and earn $10 for every friend who joins the Aceable hype train. All you need is a referral link, friends, and a crafty way to shamelessly plug Aceable.

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Here are some of our MVP Aceable Ambassadors who are rolling in the dough, and we don’t mean garlic bread dough.

Yoselin A

“I sent my link to two of my friends who were interested in getting their permits through Aceable, and they shared my link with their friends and family and it continues to spread through the grapevine. I use my referral money to buy myself clothes, food, and beauty products.”

Noel J

“I used a very simple strategy. I am an International student studying in Arlington. I posted the procedure for getting a license and my Aceable referral link in WhatsApp groups filled with other young international students who want to drive in America.”

Zoe G

“My primary platform is Instagram. I've only posted it twice on there yet even strangers have found it. The crazy thing about being a part of Aceable is when I give my referal code to one person, they spread it like wildfire. All I have to do is talk about how fun Aceable is and they do the work for me. My strategy is pure honesty.”

Zoe also made us this memorable meme, featuring one of our favorite baby animals.

We love you more, Zoe.

If you’re the type of person who pays extra for guacamole, then you could really use some extra cash to fund that extravagant lifestyle of yours! Here’s how you can start referring your friends to try Aceable.

1. Tap on “Refer & Earn Money” in the Aceable mobile app dashboard.

You can also visit this link if you don’t have the app handy!

2. Copy your unique referral link.

3. Start sharing your referral link with your friends!

Put it in your Instagram bio, sing it in the shower, get it tattooed on your arm (after getting your parents’ permission, of course!), the possibilities are limitless. Your friends will love Aceable, which will make them love you even more, and they’ll never forget to tag you in a meme ever again.refer friend now button

Krista Doyle