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Official Online Florida Permit Test

Official Online Florida Permit Test

  • Already passed the Drug and Alcohol Course? Only pay to take the permit test online.

  • Skip a step at the DHSMV and take the official Florida Knowledge Exam on an app.

  • Pass the test and be permit-ready in under two hours.

  • Once you pass the online permit test, you can pick up your permit in just 72 hours.



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"I love Aceable I was able to do it whenever and wherever after school or after practice."

Iliana B. | San Antonio, TX

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Regular $30
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Only Pay for What You Need

Why buy the full Drug and Alcohol Course if you only need to take the knowledge exam? If you’re 15-17 and have already completed TLSAE, you can buy just the Florida permit test online and take it right from your phone. It’s a fast and inexpensive way to get that permit and start your behind-the-wheel hours.

Skip a Step at the DHSMV

No need to sit and take the permit test at the DHSMV. Instead, take the exact same state-approved knowledge exam from the convenience of your Android or iOS phone. Work weird hours? Can’t skip practice to wait at the DHSMV? Make your life easier and take the test on the app.

Pick Up Your Permit in Just 72 Hours

Getting a permit takes days instead of weeks when you take the online Florida permit test with Aceable. Just pass the knowledge exam and your permit will be ready at the DHSMV in only 72 hours. The sooner you get your permit, the sooner you can be driving.

Make sure you’re qualified.

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You must have taken the Drug and Alcohol Course (also known as DATA or TLSAE) and passed the final exam. You also must be 15-17 years old. What about Florida permit test online for adults? Sorry, people 18 and over have to take their permit test at the DHSMV.


Take the test on your phone.

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Study up, then when you’re ready, take the online permit test for Florida on your phone through Aceable’s app. Available for iOS and Android, it’s quick, easy, and approved by the state of Florida. Make sure a parent is present when you take the test.


Wait 72 hours.

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It takes 72 hours for your test results to process through to the DHSMV. Don’t go early, your permit won’t be ready!


Get your documents in order.

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When you get your permit, you will need to bring some important documents, including:

  • Proof that you passed the Drug and Alcohol Course (TLSAE)
  • Proof of identity
  • Proof of your social security number
  • Proof of your current address

Head to the DHSMV.

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Your parent or guardian will have to sign some paperwork and you’ll have to take a vision exam and hearing test. Then you can get that permit and start your behind-the-wheel hours.