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Are you a parent? Let's navigate teen driver's ed together.

Hear From Our Oklahoma Teen Drivers

7 Steps to Parent Taught Drivers Ed

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1. Complete the Parent-taught Driver Education Affidavit Application

You must be at least 15 years old before you can start taking a driver education course. You will need to fill out the Parent Taught Driver Education Affidavit Application online. You’ll get a confirmation email with an approval number emailed to you confirming you are eligible to be a parent instructor.

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2. Sign Up for Oklahoma Parent-taught Drivers Ed with Aceable

Once you’ve received your approval number from Service Oklahoma, the next step is to purchase Aceable’s Oklahoma parent-taught driver education course. Our 30-hour, state-approved course

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3. Get a Learner Permit

You can get your permit when you are 15 ½ and have proof of purchase of your Aceable course. You must pass a written and vision exam to receive their permit.

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4. Complete Behind-the-Wheel Instruction and Finish the Course!

You must complete 55 hours of behind-the-wheel practice with an eligible parent instructor. Aceable provides a driving log in the app’s Resources section to help track your driving practice.

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5. Complete the Oklahoma Work Zone Safe Course

Beginning November 1, 2023, you must complete the free online Oklahoma Work Zone Safe Course. You will have to show a certificate of completion to get an Intermediate License.

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Become A Safe Driver With Aceable

If you're looking for an online drivers ed course in Oklahoma that gives you the flexibility of being online and mobile, with the effectiveness of a well-designed, state-approved drivers ed program. That's where Aceable comes in. Students are busy, that's why Aceable was designed to be taken anytime, anywhere with no set class schedules. Our parent taught drivers ed courses are 100% certified by Service Oklahoma and include everything you need to prepare for your driving test and get your license as early as possible. This includes a 30-hour course, 50-hour behind-the-wheel training curriculum (55 hours if doing parent-taught with 10 hours of night hours required), and exclusive access to our partner offers like 1 free month of Allstate®️ Roadside Services.

Why Choose Aceable

Engaging Course Content

Interactive, bite-sized content keeps you engaged and allows you to work at your own pace. Progress auto-syncs so you can easily switch devices and start back up where you left off.

A+ support 7 days a week

Aceable's U.S.-based customer support heroes are available 7 days a week to walk you through the licensing process, troubleshoot technical issues or answer questions about your trip to your local Service Oklahoma location.

Thousands of 5-star ratings

Thousands of students have reviewed Aceable giving our courses a 4.9 out of 5-star rating. With over 450,000 students and counting, you don't have to take our word for it that you'll love our courses.

Complete the Parent Taught Drivers Ed, Oklahoma Affidavit

Fill out the Parent Taught Drivers Education Application to affirm that your parent instructor is eligible. Send the completed affidavit to the address on the bottom of the form along with a self-addressed stamped envelope and wait for an acknowledgment.

Sign Up for Oklahoma Parent Taught Drivers Ed with Aceable

Prepare for your Written Permit Exam

Get your Oklahoma Learners Permit

Complete Behind-The-Wheel Instruction

Complete the Oklahoma Work Zone Safe Course

Take Your Final Driving Test

Get your License and Celebrate

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