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Certified by the Department of Public Safety, State of Oklahoma

Oklahoma Parent Taught Drivers Ed

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  • Behind-the-wheel training curriculum included
  • Get your drivers license as early as possible
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Complete the Parent Taught Drivers Ed, Oklahoma Affidavit

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Complete the form on the last page of this document to affirm that your parent instructor is eligible. Send the completed affidavit to the address on the bottom of the form along with a self-addressed stamped envelope and wait for an acknowledgment.


Sign up for Oklahoma Parent Taught Drivers Ed with Aceable

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This course includes 30 hours of drivers ed instruction as well as structured curriculum to help you complete the behind-the-wheel portion of the process. Students need to be at least 15 years old to sign up for drivers education and have received their approved affidavit from the DPS.


Prepare for your written permit exam

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The first chapter of the Aceable course will help prepare you for your appointment to take the written permit exam! You can also reference the official Oklahoma Driver’s Manual to study for this part and take unlimited practice tests in the Aceable app’s "study tools" section.


Get your Oklahoma learners permit

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If you’re enrolled in a drivers ed Oklahoma program, you can get your permit at age 15 ½ with proof of purchase and your approved affidavit from the DPS. If you’re not enrolled in drivers ed, you’ll have to wait until you’re 16. You will need to pass a written and vision exam in order to receive your permit as mentioned in Step 2.


Complete behind-the-wheel instruction

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Complete a minimum of 55 hours of behind-the-wheel training with an eligible parent instructor. Aceable’s course will include structured curriculum and a practice hour log to help walk you through this portion of the process and make sure you’re totally prepared for your final driving test.


Take your final written exam

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Head to the Oklahoma DPS to take the final driving test. If you’ve studied and practiced driving maneuvers, you should be feeling confident and ready for this part!


Get your license and celebrate

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Ace your driving test to get your Oklahoma drivers license! Now you’re ready to join the ranks of Aceable Oklahoma drivers. Congratulations!


Do I have to take drivers ed to get my license?

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If you’re age 15 ½ - 16 you have to take drivers ed in order to get your learners permit. If you’re over 16 you’re not required to take drivers ed to get your permit. Keep in mind that you must hold your permit for 6 months before you can get your drivers license. This means if you want to get your license right when you turn 16, you’ll need to enroll in drivers ed and get your permit at age 15 ½ in order to be eligible for your license at 16.


What happens if I don’t have an eligible parent instructor?

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Unfortunately, you cannot take Parent Taught Drivers Ed without an eligible parent instructor. If you don’t have an eligible parent instructor we recommend taking an Instructor Taught Drivers Ed course, which doesn’t require a parent instructor. Instead, this option requires that you receive your behind-the-wheel instruction hours at a driving school of your choice. You can find a list of approved schools in Oklahoma here.


How do I know if my parent is an eligible instructor?

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An instructor must be a biological parent, adoptive parent, parent by marriage, or legal, court-appointed, guardian of the student. To be eligible, a parent must also:

  • Have a valid driver license
  • Not have had his or her driving privileges or driver license suspended, canceled, revoked or denied within the past 12 months
  • Not have been convicted of possession or use of alcohol or drugs within the past 12 months
  • Not have more than 5 point violations on his or her driving record
  • Have no administrative action by the Department pending pursuant to 47 O.S. 753, 754, or 754.1 relating to driving under the influence or pursuant to 47 O.S. 761 related to driving while impaired.

How do I complete the behind-the-wheel hours?

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Our course includes everything you need to complete your behind-the-wheel training hours with an eligible parent instructor. This will include curriculum that the parent should cover to ensure students learn all the necessary driving skills, and a driving hour log to keep track of completed driving hours to present to the DPS prior to your final driving test.


What do I bring to the DPS to get my permit?

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When you go to the DPS to get your learners permit, you’ll need to bring the following documents with you:

  • Proof of primary ID like a state-certified birth certificate, valid U.S. passport, or Certificate of Naturalization
  • Proof of secondary ID like a health insurance card, Oklahoma employer ID, or Affidavit of Driver Training (Form DPS 300)
  • Proof of Social Security number (SSN)
  • Proof of enrollment or completion of an approved driver's ed course
  • Proof of school letter verifying your enrollment in or attendance at school and a referenced reading test if you are in the 8th grade

Check out this list of acceptable proof in Oklahoma.