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Looking to road trip to the big ATL with your friends? Slow down, bb. Before you can hit the road, you’ll need a Georgia permit and driver license first. But have no fear! Aceable can help you get there with our online and mobile-friendly Georgia DDS Permit Test Prep course.

Prepare for the official Georgia DDS written exam with 20 levels of interactive lessons and unlimited free practice tests. It’s an endless study guide available right from your’ll feel powerful af. With Aceable’s permit test prep, you’ll be headed to Hotlanta after passing your drivers test in no time.

This is NOT a state-approved course and will not fulfill the 30-hour drivers ed requirement for Georgians under age 17. Aceable’s Georgia Permit Test Prep is a mobile study aid to help teach your the rules Georgia DDS wants you to know on the road and prepare for your exam with informative practice tests. It’s the perfect course for busy adults and a great study tool for teens.

Ace Your Georgia Drivers Permit Test

Atlanta Drivers Ed Test Prep

The perfect way to get extra help before taking the Georgia DDS written knowledge test

Study Guide For Busy Adults & Teens

Online drivers ed for Georgia teenagers and adults

20 levels of interactive lessons & unlimited practice quizzes to prepare you for your GA permit test and drivers ed

Study Whenever & Wherever You Want

Available on any computer or mobile device

Learn the rules of the road on your iPhone, iPad, Android device or computer

How Georgia Permit Test Prep Works

  1. Prepare for the Department of Driver Services written knowledge exam with Aceable. You can prep for the test anytime, anywhere using our mobile app.
  2. When you’re ready, head to your local DDS office and show that test what’s up. Once you pass like the champ we know you are, you’ll get your permit.
  3. After you’ve held your permit for 12 months, have taken drivers ed, and have driven at least 40 supervised hours, you’re eligible to take the driving test and get your intermediate license. Congrats!

Drive Awesome With Aceable’s Easy & Convenient iOS or Android App

This isn’t your typical boring drivers ed study guide

Complete Georgia drivers ed requirements on your smartphone or tablet

Let Aceable Help You Pass Your Georgia Written Drivers Test

  • 20 levels of interactive lessons that keep you engaged with videos, memes and humorous content
  • Unlimited DDS practice tests designed to prepare you for the written learners permit test
  • The course never expires and there aren’t any timers, so you don’t have to worry about deadlines
  • Self-paced lessons let you move as quickly through the course as you want so you can become a Georgia driver fast
  • Provides you with the knowledge to pass Georgia’s written permit exam and get your teen permit at the GA DDS
  • 5-star course with awesome customer service
You'll be taking your permit picture at the BMV in no time!
You’ll be taking your permit picture at the BMV in no time!