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How to Merge on a Highway Safely and Smoothly

Merging on a highway can be tricky and a little overwhelming the first few times you do it. Just follow these tips and you’ll be a HMM (highway merging master) in no time.

The first (and most important) thing you can do is to use the merging area to get up to speed. This lane is provided so you can seamlessly enter the flow of traffic, without interrupting the drivers who are already there. So put the pedal to the metal and get up to whatever speed the highway drivers are going before you attempt to squeeze in. Before hitting that driving lane, make sure to check your mirrors, quickly look over your shoulder, and use your turn signal. You have to make sure you have the room to make a move.

This bird knows what’s up.
This bird knows what’s up.

As you enter and the lane and become part of the traffic flow, make sure to adjust your following distance based on your speed and the speed of those around you. You might have to speed up or slow down a little to do this, just make sure to re-adjust to the right speed. (Also, pssst, don’t forget to turn off your signal).

Don’t be that person.

If you follow these tips, your merge will be as easy as an open-book Geography test.

Merging onto the highway like the Mother of Dragons