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Avoiding Potential and Immediate Emergencies on the Road

Let’s go over the potential and immediate emergencies that can happen while you’re driving so that you know why it’s so important to be safe on the road.

You’ve heard that you need to be safe and careful while driving a car. Blah. Blah. Blah. But what are the actual consequences of not being safe and careful? Let’s go over the potential and immediate emergencies that can happen while you’re operating a vehicle so that you know exactly why it’s so important to be safe on the road.

Head-on Collision

Potential Scenario: You’re driving while looking at your phone when all of a sudden -- BLAM -- you run straight into another car. Head-on collisions can be life-threatening, especially if you’re driving fast. Avoid them by paying attention to your surroundings and never driving while distracted!

head-on-collision Head-on collisions can be fatal.

Front of Vehicle With Stationary Object

Potential Scenario: Much like a head-on collision, hitting a stationary object is easy to do if you’re not fully focused on driving, and instead looking at your phone or the radio. Stay alert so that you don’t veer off the road and hit a tree, light pole or railing.

car-crash Running into a stationary object can be just as dangerous as a collision.

Driving Off Road

Potential Scenario: You’re cruising along, perhaps a little sleepy, when suddenly your eyelids close and your car drifts off the road. Without control over your steering wheel, your car could flip over or hit a stationary object. If you’ve learned anything from scenario 2, this is no bueno.

driving-off-road That is not where you belong, car.


Potential Scenario: You’re racing 25 mph over the speed limit on a bumpy road when -- THUMP -- you hit a pothole and your car rolls over. Think this seems far-fetched? About 40 percent of fatal rollovers involve excessive speeding. Bumpy roads and potholes certainly don’t help.

rollover Stop, drop and (don't) rollover.

Broadside Collision

Potential Scenario: You’re at a four-way stop, and instead of waiting your turn, you roll right through the stop sign and collide with the side of another moving vehicle. Follow traffic signals and be aware of what other drivers are doing to avoid this situation.

broadside-collision Hello from the (broad)side.

Rear-end Collision

Potential Scenario: A car in front of you slows down, brakes and stops for a red light, but you’re too busy talking on the phone to see what’s happening. Instead, you run right into the stopped car. CA-CHUNK. That’s never a sound you want to hear.

rear-end-collision Pain in the rear.

Sideswipe Collision

Potential Scenario: You’re trying to pass a car on a narrow road when -- SCREEEKKK -- you scrape against said car and in the process knock off its side mirror. Easy fix? Give yourself enough space when passing and don’t cross into another lane!

sideswipe-collision (Side)Swiper, no swiping!

Now that you know what these potential emergency situations look like, do your best to avoid them. That’s why we tell folks over and over again to drive safely. And we’ll say it again right here: DRIVE SAFELY!!!