Distracted and Impaired Driving

Distracted and Impaired driving are some of the most dangerous threats on the road. Check out our videos on how to be a safe and alert driver.

Videos On the Dangers of Distracted & Impaired Driving

The two biggest threats to everyone’s safety on the road are distracted driving and impaired driving. It doesn’t matter if you’re a new driver or an expert behind the wheel, if you’re distracted or under the influence of drugs or alcohol it’s impossible to drive safely. Seriously, these common lapses in judgment claim innocent people’s lives every day. Take a minute to learn more about distracted and impaired driving, the laws you have to follow and some ways you can be a better, more focused driver.

Distracted Driving

There’s more to distracted driving than annoying people staring at their phones instead of hitting the gas pedal when the traffic light turns green. Although cell phones are the biggest culprit for driver distractions, there are many others. In our safe driving videos, Aceable can give you more examples of distractions, explain what’s at risk, and prepare you with tips for reducing distractions. We’ll also explain the myth of multitasking (Hint: You can do two things at once, but that means doing neither of them well).

Impaired Driving

Alcohol-related crashes are depressingly frequent and quite often fatal. Even if no one gets physically hurt (that’s a big “if”), being convicted of DUI or DWI will wreck you financially. If you’re under 21 years old, it’s particularly important for you to understand Zero Tolerance and how to navigate social situations involving alcohol without messing up your life. You’ll even find resources about alcohol-related rules like the Open Container Law from watching out videos and using our resources. We're here to help!

Drowsy Driving

Don’t be guilty of Driving While Sleepy. Fatigued driving is hard to measure and not exactly illegal, so people underestimate the risks involved. The reality is that sleep-deprived drivers are much more likely than alert drivers to make a mistake, zone out, or fail to react to information during a drive. Find out how you can make it through long road trips and early morning commutes without putting yourself and others in danger.

Aggressive Driving

Drivers who lose their cool can make some really dumb choices on the road. Everyone runs late sometimes or has the occasional bad mood, but taking out your aggression on other vehicles is really dangerous. How do you stay calm? How do you stay safe when people out there are tailgating, cutting you off, or just being jerks? Aceable can show you how to avoid road rage and stay chill on the road.