Regulation Obligation: Five Regulatory Signs You Gotta Listen To

When it comes to traffic signs, regulatory signs are the bosses. They tell you what to do and when and make sure you fall in line as a driver. Here are a few regulatory traffic signs that you’ll see on your commutes, some a little more often than others. Lemme break ‘em down so you know what to do when you see ‘em.

Regulatory Traffic Signs

Keep Right Sign

This sign, keenly named the Keep Right sign, lets you know that the highway will soon be divided by a median or that you will have to keep to the right to avoid an object/obstruction. Make sure you stay alert so you don’t hit whatever is coming up on your left.

Do Not Enter Sign

Hey, hey, hold up! Where are you tryna go? Obvs not that way. When you see this sign, the road ahead is for one-way traffic traveling in the opposite direction. Going that way leads to… dun dun dun… certain death.

Yield Sign

You’ll see this sign a lot, so pay extra special attention. It tends to show up when one road joins another. If this happens and this sign is pointed at you, you’ll have to yield the right-of-way to the vehicles on the other road.

School Zone Speed Limit Sign

This sign is activated by the light on the top. If you don’t see it flashing, feel free to follow the posted speed limit, but be aware that you are still traveling by a school zone. If the yellow light is flashing, it’s very important that you follow the speed limit it says. Be extremely careful while driving and make sure you’re keeping an eye out for children.

Red Light Photo Enforced Sign

You’ll see this sign at intersections. It means that if you run a red light, there’s a camera that will take a picture of you. Then, you’ll get a hefty ticket you’ll have to pay sent to your house complete with a nice picture of yourself breakin’ the law.

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