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How to Do a Two-Point Turn

When you’re new to driving, figuring out two-point turns can be scary, especially when nailing a regular turn is stressful enough. But have no fear, bb. We here at Aceable are gonna show you how it’s done.

Step 1: Slide into a Driveway

To change direction by making a two-point turn, you'll need to use either a driveway or a cross street.

Check for traffic and slow down as you get ready to turn. Next, pull slowly into the driveway or street, turning the steering wheel as needed.

Step 2: Don’t Hit Things

Once you’re safely in the driveway, check for clearance on the street and around your vehicle before pulling back out to change direction and make your second turn. We don’t want any pedestrians, fences, or garden gnomes to suffer at the hand of your two-point turn.

Step 3: Nail That Turn

Recover your steering and stop when you're completely out on the original street. Shift to Drive, put on your signal, and finish it off with a safe turn onto the street.

Congrats! You’ve just completed a two-point turn.