How to Make a Left Turn Safely

Step By Step Process:

Sometimes, in the journey of life, you will need to literally turn left. It’s going to happen quite often. Turning right comes with its own risks, but there are even more things you need to think about when turning left. We’ve got some simple steps to help you make every left turn safer.

Get in the left lane:

If you’re on a multi-lane road and you’re not already in the left lane, use your turn signal and move over when it’s safe to do so. Don’t turn left from a center or right lane unless it has pavement markings showing that it’s a left turn lane.

Signal Your Turn:

Turning without signaling is a fantastic way to make other drivers mad at you. Stay well liked (and well within the law) by turning on your left turn signal at least 100 feet before the big turn. Signaling just as you start turning isn’t helpful to anyone.


Next, make sure you check traffic before entering the intersection. Obey the signals and signs. Since this is a left turn, you have to look BOTH WAYS for oncoming traffic. Don’t just look for cars, though. Keep an eye out for motorcycles, bicyclists, and pedestrians too.


When it’s your turn, you should...turn. Turn into the left lane of the street you’re joining, but definitely keep to the right of the center line. You don’t want to find yourself driving on the wrong side of the road.

What about when you need to make a right turn soon after that left turn? Sorry, friend. You still need to turn into the left lane, then signal and switch to the right lane to make the right turn.