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Right of Way on Different Pavement Surfaces.com

Do you like to take the path less-traveled? Then watch this video to learn about what to do if you come to an intersection with different pavement surfaces.

Do you prefer to avoid those mainstream roads and ride on the path less-traveled (aka dirt roads)? Then you’ll have to get familiar with the right of way rules for those types of intersections.

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Even if you don't have a stop sign, if you’re on a dirt road and need to turn onto a paved road, you’re gonna have to yield right of way to traffic on the paved road. Paved road > dirt road.

Be extra careful and check if they have a stop sign on their side, which is unlikely if your road isn’t paved. When the coast is clear, you’re free to make your move.

There really aren't any exceptions to this rule - you should always yield right of way if you're on a dirt road and you're turning onto a paved road. As an Aceable driver, use your best judgment.