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Traffic Signs- T-junction, Rough Road, Traffic Crosses, etc.

We know that black lettering and a black border on a yellow diamond is a traffic warning sign, right? So all of these road signs are traffic warning signs.

Traffic signs are awesome and shouldn’t be taken for granted, folks! They’ve actually been around for a long time!

For example, did you know that the English erected “fingerposts” some 350 years ago to point the direction to the next town? Fingerposts also let coach drivers (the horse-drawn kind) know in Roman numerals how many miles they still had to travel.

A modern-day fingerpost (Photo by John M) A modern-day fingerpost (Photo by John M)

Pretty cool, eh?

We already know that black lettering and a black border on a yellow diamond is a traffic warning sign, right? Right. So all of THESE road signs are traffic warning signs:

T-junction Sign

Hello there, T-junction sign Hello there, T-junction sign.

These are T-junction signs:

They mean that “another road is about to enter the road you are traveling on, so watch out for traffic from that new road.”

IMPORTANT: Traffic coming along the “top” of the “T” has the right of way!

If the “T” is laying on its side, it means there’s a road entering from the right or the left. It is not called a “Lazy T” unless you’re a rancher with that kind of cattle brand.

Rough Road Sign

You're lookin' rough, road. You're lookin' rough, road.

Next we have the Rough Road sign:

Easy enough. (So long as you can read English, that is.) Some signs also now read “Rough Road Ahead.”

It means that the road surface ahead is in poor condition and you’re about to have a bumpy ride, so slow down.”

Traffic Crosses Ahead

Watch out for traffic up ahead! Watch out for traffic up ahead!

Sharp Turn Ahead Sign

Lookin' sharp, turn. Lookin' sharp, turn.

Sharp Turn Ahead signs:

This is simple. Arrows are easy to understand in any language.

They mean that you’re about to make a sharp turn to the right or to the left, so slow down and do not pass.

Winding Road Ahead Sign

If you're Sheryl Crow, every day is a winding road. If you're Sheryl Crow, everyday is a winding road.

This is the Winding Road Ahead warning sign:

The winding road ahead sign means that even if you’re in a BMW, you should drive slowly and carefully, and do not pass.

Roads like this are nicknamed “Snake Road” all across the country. The sign kind of looks like a snake too, doesn’t it? (No, it does not mean that there are thousands of snakes slithering across the road ahead.)

And to wind this up, here’s a quick quiz for ya:

kiwi-sign You will probably only find this sign in what country? (Photo by Rennboot)

What kind of a sign is it?

Answer: These signs are found in New Zealand and are kiwi crossing signs.