Taking Caution When Trucks Make Wide Right Turns

Why Do Trucks Make Wide Right Turns?

Trucks, whether small or hauling an oversize load, have to make wide right turns because of no visibility and “off-tracking” of the trailer. Let’s talk about what wide turns mean, and how to avoid truck accidents on the highway.

No Visibility

Unlike a left turn, when an 18-wheeler makes a tight right turn, their convex mirror is obstructed. Not good if you're in another vehicle. This is not as much of an issue when making a left turn, however, as the driver is on the left side and can look out their window.

safe-driving Truckers need to be able to see well to turn right!

Off-Tracking of Trailer

During a right turn, a truck’s trailer (back part) does not follow the path of its tractor (front part). The trucker needs to correct for this by turning wider so that they don’t hit the curb, another vehicle, or worse, a pedestrian. Truck accidents are bad news for everyone!

How Do Truckers Warn About Wide Right Turns?

Because truckers need a lot of space to make wide turns, they must signal 100 ft before doing so. Additionally, all trucks must display a warning sign that lets you know about wide right turns. But you’re so informed now that you don’t even need that.

Moral of the story: Be courteous to trucks, obey speed limits, and be cautious of wide right turns (watch that left turn as well, while we're at it). Truck accidents can occur if a trucker doesn’t see you during wide turns, so you need to give them plenty of space to hang a right. Keep your eyes peeled when you see a truck turning at an intersection.

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