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Types of Drivers Licenses

Did you know there are a number of different licenses required to operate vehicles? This is a comprehensive list of what each license allows." title: | Types of drivers licenses

I know you’ve all been dying to know, so here it is -- a breakdown of the different types of driver licenses you can get. If you turn 16 and go get your license, can you immediately drive a tractor trailer out of the parking lot? Fortunately, no. You gotta drive the type of car that’s allowed by your license type. Luckily, the breakdown is pretty easy to remember. Follow along with me, Sesame Street style.

Class M - M is for Moped and Motorcycle. Do you prefer two wheels to four? Class M is for you.

Class C - C means Car. This is your basic license, the one you take drivers ed for. You’ll be able to drive mom and dad’s 1986 Toyota Corolla like a ballaaaaa.

Class B - B stands for Buses. With this license, you can drive non-commercial buses, RVs, and farm vehicles. Super awesome if you’re going on multi-city tour with your band, your Floridian grandparents, and your uncle the farmer.

Class A - A means you’re A+ at driving! You have the powers of both Class B & C licenses combined.

There are different classifications for Commercial Driver Licenses. Are you workin for the man? You’re gonna have to have one of these type of licenses:

Class C CDL - If you’re trying to deliver stuff (small scale) or driving people around, this is the one you need.

Class B CDL - Have you always had it out for people who parked illegally or dreamed of being spitballed by 5-18 year olds? Then you wanna get this type of license. With this, you can drive commercial vehicles like tow trucks, dump trucks, and school buses.

Class A CDL - The end all, be all of driver licenses. With this license, you can drive all the four-wheeled vehicles, including tractor trailers. So getchoo a trucker hat and a Big Gulp and hit the road in your 18 wheels.

Unless you’re trying to drive anything bigger than a basic SUV or with less than two wheels, your regular ol’ Class C license will be enough. This is what you apply for after you take Drivers Ed and pass your written test.