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Where Not to Park: Learn Where It's Illegal and Unsafe

Parking doesn't have to be scary and overwhelming. By following these rules, you'll avoid tickets by learning where you shouldn't park.

Parking. One of the world’s greatest mysteries. Oh wait, no. Pyramids are one of the world’s greatest mysteries, not parking. Parking is waaay easy compared to that. Let's talk about it.

Where Not to Park

  • Do not park in an intersection
  • This should be common sense. If you park in an intersection, literally no one else can drive through it. Rude.
  • Do not park within 50 ft of a railroad track
  • Trains are scary! Keep your distance.
  • Do not park in front of a fire hydrant
  • You could actually be endangering lives by blocking access to emergency water.
  • Do not park in the opposite direction of traffic
  • That’s illegal, boo
  • Do not park next to fire lanes/emergency exits
  • Again, for obvious safety reasons

Also, be aware of signs permitting you from parking. These are pretty basic, but also very important rules. You never want to stop other drivers from being able to drive or put people’s lives at risk because of where you park. Just keep these no-go places in mind when you have to park and you’ll be just fine.

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