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You’re ready to roll! You’ve finished or are currently taking drivers ed, you’ve gathered all the necessary documents, and you’ve fulfilled every requirement to become a Texas driver.

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So, what do you do now? It’s time to head to the Austin, Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) to get your permit or driver license!

There are five Austin DPS locations to choose from where you can get your Texas license, so no matter you are, you can get there quickly and easily. Whether you’re south of the river, up in Anderson Mill, north near Pflugerville, or central near UT Austin and Airport Blvd., there’s a Texas DPS office near you.

Find your drivers ed course
  • Find the Austin DPS drivers license location closest to you

    Check below for each location’s address, phone number, hours of operation, and links to scheduling your driving test. After that, you’re all set to ace that test and hit the open road!


    Aceable online drivers ed allows Austin residents to complete driver education online, on a smart phone or tablet. The course offers unlimited permit practice tests, and allows you to complete the DPS written exam in app!

    Live outside of the Austin metro area? Find the Texas Department of Public Safety location closest to you and get your texas license!

    Choose the drivers ed course that’s right for you: Teen PTDE or instructor taught, or adult drivers ed. We also offer an Austin defensive driving course to help you dismiss a speeding ticket obtained in the Hill Country! Visit the Texas DPS online to learn more!


    Visit our help center to find answers to the most common questions we recieve.


    Susana Orendain

    Defensive driving courses are never fun but Aceable actually made it a much more pleasant experience. I really enjoyed the animation and the videos. Really impressed on the importance they put on how dangerous it is to speed, to text and
    to drink while driving. Thank you for making a fun course.

    Abhi Kallur

    Defensive driving usually sucks but Aceable gave it a unique spin that makes it quick and simple. The stories that were shown were powerful and it really opened up your perspective to little things you do when you drive, such as texting.
    Normally, people don’t take away much from a DD course, but those stories of people who got into horrible accidents really left a strong impact on me. The course definitely forces you to rethink how you drive and how to use the rules to
    help you.

    Jonah Ballesteros

    This is by far the best defensive driving course ever! Convenient and not boring! Excellent customer service! Nicole assisted me with my concern; not only Nicole resolved my concern, but she took the extra steps. It’s the extras that really
    count! You guys are the best!