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Aceable Helps Teens Become Safe Drivers

You want online Texas drivers ed that’s both convenient and comprehensive. Skip the classroom and earn your learner permit at your pace via our mobile-friendly course. This highly interactive course perfectly fits your schedule and keeps teens engaged. Get Texas parent taught drivers education, also known as PTDE, that’s easy, yet effective. Aceable is a 100% Texas DPS and TDLR approved app and provides the shortest online driver education course allowed by law. Driving school on the go, on your time. Lea esta página en español!

Complete Course, Plus Permit Test

Save time. Take state-approved drivers ed and the Department of Public Safety written exam online or in-app. When you pass, we process your completion certificate immediately! No need to take the written test at the DPS office.

Fun-Size Content At Your Fingertips

Enroll in our drivers course and learn with memes, game-like quizzes and video on your phone or computer. Start our self-paced parent taught course that’s fast, easy and never expires.

Powerful Features, Friendly People

Do everything yourself with driver progress reports and parent tools. Need help? Questions about getting your learners permit or license? Ask our customer-happiness team any day of the week.


How it Works

You’re busy. Aceable simplifies parent taught drivers ed (PTDE) and helps teens get a permit and driver license fast so that you can move on to other awesome stuff.


Sign Up With Aceable

Purchase our state-accredited parent taught drivers education program for students ages 14-17. Not ready to commit? Start for free and buy when ready.


Order Your PTDE Packet

After you buy, we will email you more information on what you need to do to get started! This includes a link to purchasing the PTDE Program Guide from the TDLR for $20, which you will need before you can start.


Ace The Written Test

Read over your PTDE packet and finish the first 6 hours of Aceable. Take the written exam and permit test in-app! After you pass, we’ll send your Certificate of Completion to get a learners permit.


Pick Up Your Permit

Aceable sends you a checklist of forms you’ll bring to the local DPS to get your Texas learners permit. There, all you have to do is take an eye exam.


Complete Course & Driving Hours

Finish up Aceable and practice driving with your parents. You'll need to keep track of all 44 hours of car driving lessons.


Get Your Driving License

Once you complete the Texas parent taught drivers course and driving lessons, return to the license office to take the driving test. A Texas drivers license is now yours!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to get the PTDE packet before starting the course?

According to state regulations, students must order and receive the PTDE packet before starting any Parent Taught Drivers Ed coursework online. You can order the PTDE packet from the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) here. The DPS will not recognize any coursework a student does before receiving the PTDE packet from the TDLR.

Does this course include the state-approved DPS written test?

You’ll take the state-approved DPS written test at the end of Level 1 (the first six hours of the course). This means that you won’t need to take the Written Knowledge Test at the DPS. The test consists of 30 multiple-choice questions. You’ll have one hour to complete the test and you must score at least 70% or better (at least 21 out of 30 questions correct) in order to pass. If you fail, you can take the test again 24 hours later. There is no limit on how many times you can take the written test and you don’t have to pay again to take it more than once.

How do I complete the required behind-the-wheel driving hours?

You can get started on the 44 required behind-the-wheel hours once you’ve received your permit at the DPS. You must do 14 hours of behind-the-wheel instruction with your official parent instructor (the student will observe the parent instructor for seven of the hours, while the parent instructor will observe the student for the other seven hours). You’ll list these hours in the Behind-the-Wheel Instruction Log of the PTDE packet . You must also do 30 hours of behind-the-wheel practice with any licensed adult 21 years old or older (10 of these hours must be done at night). You’ll list these hours in the Behind-the-Wheel Practice Log of the PTDE packet.

What happens if I don’t have an eligible parent instructor?

Unfortunately, you cannot take Parent Taught Drivers Ed without an eligible parent instructor. If you don’t have an eligible parent instructor, contact Aceable and let us know. We can transfer you over to the Instructor Taught Drivers Ed course, which doesn’t require a parent instructor. Instead, this option requires that you receive your behind-the-wheel instruction hours at a driving school of your choice.

What happens if I fail a level assessment?

At the end of Levels 2-12 are level assessments consisting of 10 questions. The questions will be a mix of multiple-choice and true/false questions. You must score at least 70% or better (at least 7 out of 10 questions correct) in order to pass and go on to the next level. If you fail a level assessment, you can take it again. There is no limit on how many times you can take a level assessment and you don’t have to pay again to take a level assessment more than once.

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