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How Do You Change Your Name & Address in California?

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Changing your name or address can be somewhat of a process. This article will provide you with a quick and easy guide to each!

How Do You Change Your Name in California?

Let's start with a name change. First off, the process depends on whether or not the person changing their name is an adult or a minor. For adults, the process starts with a Petition for a Change of Name that will lead to a court date.

Prior to your court date, there is some business you will need to take care of. You must fill out your court forms and have them reviewed. Then make multiple copies of the forms, both for your personal records and for the court. The next step is to get your paperwork filed with the court's clerk and stamped for approval.

The next step is a little odd but in most cases, a required part of the process. You must run a Order to Show Cause for Change of Name in a public newspaper publication for 4 straight weeks. This will announce your court date, time and location and urge any parties with a particular reason as to why or why not the name change should or should not happen to appear. Make sure to look into the prices of multiple newspapers before choosing your publication and having the judge sign off. Once the judge signs off, you may not switch publications and the price of the ad will not be waived by the court.

If all goes well at the court hearing, you will receive a decree from the court. With this decree, you can change your legal documents through their respective agencies such as your license, social security and birth certificate.

How Do You Change Your Address in California?

Now let's talk about address changes. This is something you can do online through the DMV's website. Unfortunately, this is not something you can do online if you don't have a CA license or ID card or you don't have a social security card. Therefore if you're new to the state, it's best to go in in person.

Before you start the process online, be sure to have your social and last issued vehicle information handy. You will not need documents to verify your new address, nor will you be charged a fee for the change. You are also free to complete the process through the mail of that suits you.

Until the changes are implemented and you receive updated documentation, it is suggested that you write down your new address on a small piece of paper and carry it with you license.

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