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DMV Guide: Find Your State

The DMV can be a tricky place with all of its paperwork and long lines. Aceable has made a guide to the DMV and the drivers licenses process.

What the Department of Motor Vehicles is called varies heavily by State. In Florida, it's the FLHSMV, the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, while in Ohio it's the BMV, the Bureau of Motor Vehicles. But the acronym that is most used in pop culture is the DMV.

The DMV can be a tricky place with all of its paperwork, lines and the weirdly placed DMV office locations. We here at Aceable have made a guide to make understanding the DMV and the process of getting your drivers licenses easier. A guide on how to find the DMV office nearest to you. We also have practice tests for your drivers permit test and practice tests for drivers licenses test. Plus guides for less common but very important topics such as changing your name on your license or changing your gender on your license. We hope all of this DMV info helps!

California DMV

We wrote guides to explain the various services that the California DMV offers, such as getting your drivers licenses, and registering or replacing your lost registration. We also wrote guides on changing your gender on your CA license and how to register to be an organ donor.

Texas DMV and DPS

Texas actually has both a DMV and a DPS. The Texas DMV, Department of Motor Vehicles, is in charge of vehicles. Meaning that they issue registrations and titles for your car. The Texas DPS, Department of Public Safety is in charge of public safety. That means that they issues drivers licenses and permits as well as enforce the rules of the road. We wrote guides to help navigate between these two agencies.

Nevada DMV

The Nevada DMV handles everything to do with the road. From issuing driver's licenses and driver's licenses tests to vehicle registration and title. The Nevada DMV is pretty technologically advanced, you can actually use a kiosk for most renewals.

Florida DMV (FLHSMV)

In Florida the DMV is actually called the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, FLHSMV for short. It serves the same role that a DMV in any other state serves. It Issues your license or permit, registers your vehicle, and handles almost anything car or driving related in Florida. Including changing your name and gender on your license.

Ohio DMV (Ohio BMV)

The Ohio BMV, Bureau of Motor Vehicles, is the same as the DMV, Department of Motor Vehicles, in any other state. It’s the place to be when you need to replace, renew or get your license. As well as the place for anything related to vehicle title and car registration.