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Can You Dismiss a Traffic Ticket in California?

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Can You Dismiss a Traffic Ticket in California?

Let's start this article off with the facts: you received a traffic ticket. Whether or not you deserved it, however, sits in a wonderfully infuriating grey area that you and I may not ever be able to discern from black and white in a court of law.

Correctable Offenses

Maybe you got lucky and the ticketing officer wrote down the wrong license plate number or gave you a ticket for a correctable violation like a broken taillight. Tickets of this nature, incorrect in writing or "correctable", are easy fixes. However, if you simply think the citation was unfair, you may have a long and tedious process ahead if you choose to fight.

What likely occurred is that you broke a rule. That rule may be ridiculous and unfair or simple and easily followed but you broke it. And now all you want is to turn the clock back to the moment just before it occurred and change your ways. But there is hope yet.

California Traffic School

You do have the option to get your traffic ticket dismissed by way of Traffic School. California Traffic School is an online course you can complete at your own pace through Aceable. You'll receive an immediate electronic certificate upon completion that you can then submit for ticket dismissal.

The trade off is a good one. You pay your ticket fine plus $19 for the course. You give however much time it takes you to complete the simple course. You brush up on your traffic laws and receive tips to avoid future tickets. As a result, your ticket is dismissed from your record and you do not incur any points on your driving record. Your insurance does not hike up your rate and at the end of the day, you're all the better for it.

The points you would have received on your driving record aren't fun ones. The accumulation of points in a certain amount of time can lead to a suspension of your license. It's a smart move to just get them removed if you can.

What does it take to have your license revoked?

With four points in 12 months, 6 points in 24 months, or 8 points in 36 months, your license is automatically revoked. You're probably saying to yourself 'that would never happen to me!' and you're probably right. What's more likely is that your insurance uses your little traffic violation as justification to charge you more money each month.

So unless your ticket is simple incorrect or correctable, traffic school is the best way to go to get your ticket dismissed. Taking the ticket to court is always an option, especially if you truly believe an injustice occurred. But, if at the end of the day, you broke the rules, here's a way to make it right.

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