Is Aceable Legit? Yes, Aceable is Approved & Certified

Drivers ed on your phone?

Nah, that’s gotta be a scam.

Maybe you thought this when you first heard about Aceable. And sure, we get it. Earning your driver license from an app sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Well folks, that’s exactly why we created Aceable. Drivers ed shouldn’t be cumbersome, inconvenient and dreaded. It should simple for families and students of all ages and most definitely not boring. If you’re still not convinced, here’s definitive proof we’re the real deal.

We’re Accredited by State Governments

In order to let you get your license through our course, we first had to get approved by the governing bodies in charge of drivers ed in each state. And they don’t give their stamp of approval to just anyone -- c’mon, this isn’t amateur hour.

We were first approved by the state of Texas' DPS in 2014, and continue to gain approval from many other states on a regular basis

Below is a bulleted list of each Aceable course, followed by the government agency that heads driver education, followed by our official course number. We made it easy for ya and even linked each bullet to the agency’s webpage where Aceable is listed as an approved provider of online drivers ed.

That's not all! We also offer state certified Defensive Driving & Traffic School Courses.

Our Courses Meets Strict State Requirements

We wouldn’t have received approval from state governments had our course not covered allllll the material students should learn in drivers education. We make our courses as short as we’re legally allowed and still cover everything you need to know to be a good driver. Just because students can do Aceable on their phone or laptop doesn’t make it less legit than classroom drivers ed -- in fact, we think it makes us more legit. Here’s why:

You Won’t Get Bored With Aceable

If you’re spending Saturday in a classroom listening to a teacher lecture you about drivers ed, you’re probably not fully absorbing the material. And guess what? That part you missed about uncontrolled intersections is really, really important. Aceable Drivers Ed is self-paced, so you can stop and start the course whenever you like and take plenty of breaks. And that’s not the only benefit of our fully online platform. Aceable lets you sync your progress to any device -- so you can switch from tablet, to iPhone, to desktop, to Android and back again without losing your place. You can actually do Aceable anytime, anyplace, whenever it’s convenient for you. (Okay, we can think of a few situations where you can’t do it. Don’t be so literal!)

That's what we like to hear.

That's what we like to hear.

You’ll Truly Learn With Aceable

Aceable was specifically designed to hold your attention and keep you entertained. How? We only let you read 500 characters or less per slide in our course -- that way you don’t get bogged down with information (like you would in a blah textbook). Every slide also has an image -- like an animation or meme -- to help you remember what you’ve just read. We also make sure you stay engaged with videos and practice questions. Our job is to make sure this experience is fun. (Not as fun as going to a waterpark, obviously, but as fun as it possibly can be.)

Giving you life lessons and driving lessons. Giving you life lessons and driving lessons.

Aceable Is More Than An App

Sure, we offer top-notch online drivers ed and have the best app in the industry by far (yeah, we said it), but what we offer our students goes much further than our high-tech platform. Our customer support team is available to help with any questions seven days a week, and we really mean any questions. Even if you haven’t yet purchased our product, we’ll help you through the drivers ed process from start to finish. We’re super responsive to chat, phone and email, and you’ll always talk to a real human.

We're here and we're real.

We're here and we're real.

Once you start Aceable, we like to say you become part of our Fam. We love talking to current students and graduates on social media, and you’ll often find us posting silly Snapchat stories, sharing selfies of our newly licensed drivers and helping customers troubleshoot with just 140 characters on Twitter. Yeah, we’re that good.

We're not a regular drivers ed app, we're a cool app.

We're not regular drivers ed, we're a cool drivers ed.

The Proof Is in the Reviews

What we say about Aceable is far less important that what our customers say. They’re the reason we have the highest overall average rating in the app store compared with other online drivers ed providers. They’re the reason we have so many glowing reviews on Facebook. They’re the reason we have hundreds of pictures of happy students with their brand new driver licenses. They’re the ones who make us too legit to quit.

Congrats, fam!

Congrats, fam!

We Don’t Condone Driving With Your Phone

Sure, we get jokes all the time like, “Can I do drivers ed on my phone while I’m driving?” or complaints like, “Yet another reason for teens to get distracted while driving!” But let’s get one thing straight -- Aceable knows that phones and operating a vehicle do not mix. That’s why we thoroughly cover distracted driving in all our courses. Our students learn to be Aceable drivers: safe, smart, responsible and courteous on the road. If you think that all sounds pretty legit, we hope you’ll consider becoming an Aceable driver, too.

Bye now!

Bye now!

Krista Doyle
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