The Top 3 Haunted Houses in California

With Halloween comes costume shopping (what are you going to be?!), candy indulging, and horror film binge-watching. But why tire out your Netflix options when you can find fear IRL (and no we don’t mean failing your driver’s ed course). We mean the good old-fashioned haunted house spooks. Maybe your school puts on a haunted house each year, or your town if you’re lucky...but ever been to a real, serious-scare joint before? Here’s a few of Cali’s most horrific houses. If you’re past your treat-or-treat prime, or just want a fun activity with the squad, find your way to a few of these spooky spots:

The 17th Door Haunt Experience, Fullerton

Orange County’s most terrifying haunted house is a 30 minute interactive experience recommended for mature audiences 16 years and up. On the roster this year? Locked Up, an experience that centers around the story of Paula, who has committed a heinous crime. To pay the price, she must serve a lengthy sentence in a gruesome prison: the Perpetuum Penitentiary. In a dark and insufferable space, you are granted unsupervised “visitation” and will come across the many residents of the Perpetuum, many of whom have no concept of confinement or rules. Tickets are on sale now at ranging from $22-$35.

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Reign of Terror Haunted House, Thousand Oaks

Having started on September 30, the Reign of Terror Haunted House in Thousand Oaks is celebrating its 18th year and is open for 13 nights this fall. This experience features 8 interconnected attractions including 100 separate rooms to walk through and dozens of frightful characters, both dead and alive. As the biggest indoor haunted experience in SoCal, the Reign of Terror boasts 23,000 square feet of chilling sights. Names of just some of the 8 attractions include “Infected,” “The Asylum,” “Fun House,” and “Backwoods”-- each experience aims to tackle a completely different atmosphere to maximize the fear factor. Tickets vary depending on your admission date but range from $25-$35 (Group discounts are offered so bring your crew for a better rate!).

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Ultimate Terror Scream Park, Sacramento

Named the best haunted attraction in the West by Forbes, the Ultimate Terror Scream Park lives up to its name. Open from Sept 29-Nov 11, this Sacramento park boasts 3 houses: the Lobotomy Psycho Show, Begrudge (voted scariest in CA), and the Superstition Killer. Our personal recommendation? Superstition Killer tells the story of David, an outcast at school who has weird quirks like washing his hands over and over and refuses to step on a crack. When his parents die in a car accident on the same day he’s forced to step on a crack, he locks himself in isolation, taking his anger out on an unsuspecting victim. This experience explores his torture den.

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Wherever you live in CA, if you’re seeking a spooky evening with your friends or date-- there are options for you. Try one of our recommendations for the best of the best in terms of fear #goals but visit for more suggestions!

Krista Doyle
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