How Long Does it take to Get Your San Diego Drivers License?

Getting a San Diego driver's license takes time. It's a process with a series of steps put into place to ensure that every applicant is competent on the road. In this article, we'll dig into the process of getting a driver's license in California and how long it takes to acquire a license.

The Time It Takes to Get a San Diego Driver's License

All in all, it takes roughly 2.5 years for a San Diego teenager to get a full California driver's license. That's because you'll need to get a provisional instruction permit first and then hold your provisional license until you're 18. Don't worry — you can still drive everywhere, but you'll just have a few restrictions.

People over 18 also need a permit. However, they can skip the provisional license stage and get their full license right away. So it only takes about six months.

California Learner's Permit for Six Months  

To apply for a learner's permit, applicants need to be a minimum of 15 years and six months old. You'll need the following documents:

When you go to the San Diego DMV, you'll also need to provide a thumbprint, pass a vision exam, pay your application fee, and pass the knowledge test.

With a learner's permit, drivers will spend time behind the wheel under the supervision of a licensed parent or legal guardian. During this time, applicants will receive the most realistic education in driving possible and develop their skills in the real world. Applicants are required to have a learner's permit for six months before they take their test. 

30-Hour California Driver's Education Courses 

California requires applicants in San Diego and every other city to complete a DMV-approved driver education course if they're younger than 17.5. The state requires courses to be 30 hours long.

In these courses, students will learn the rules of the road in a classroom setting. They'll learn what signs mean, penalties for violating regulations, tips for defensive driving, and many other relevant concepts. 

50 Hours of Driving Practice in San Diego

With a learner's permit, teens are required to log 50 hours of driving time with their licensed parent or legal guardian. Ten of the 50 hours of driving need to take place at night.

During these hours, parents of future drivers need to teach good road behavior. Having good etiquette and behavior on the road can make a huge difference in avoiding accidents. Be sure to eliminate distractions and be patient with new drivers since everyone approaches the task differently. 

Get Your California Provisional License 

Once the requirements for the learner's permit and driver's education are met, applicants can schedule their driving test. If they pass this, they'll get their provisional license! Or, for those over 18, they'll earn their full license.

With a provisional license, drivers can drive on their own with a few rules in place until they turn 18 and can apply for their full license.

Be safe and enjoy the roads! And remember that Aceable is here to help you with all of your California driver education requirements.

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