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Six Things to Consider Before Getting Your License

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Six Things to Consider Before Getting Your License

So, your birthday is approaching and getting your license (yay!) is just around the corner. Asides from planning out your driving around town playlist with your friends, there’s a few things you should prioritize. Driving a car is a big responsibility, and it’s important you remember all the steps you need to check off before you take it on.
What its like when you first drive

1. A Car: Sounds kinda obvious huh? You may be sharing one with your sibling, have an old one passed down, or be in the market for something new. If that’s the case, take a look at our Aceable Plus program (for all Aceable grads)- offering exclusive discounts on used cars with driving

2. Insurance: Talk with your parents and make sure you’re buttoned up with insurance. If not, you won’t be able to complete your license in the first place since it’s a requirement at the DMV. We recommend using Answer Financial to compare plans and see how much you can save (this is free with purchase of our Aceable Drivers Ed Course).car getting hit by bus

3. Roadside Assistance: Ever been in the car with someone who got a flat? It’s not fun. That’s why roadside assistance exists, to come help you when you’re frazzled and need a tow, a new tire, or are simply locked out of your car. We offer 6 months of F-R-E-E roadside assistance membership at Allstate with our Aceable Plus program, but it’s important to have an option for when that expires: it’s a relief to have helping hands in a time of panic.

do i need roadside assistance? yes This is you without roadside assistance

4. A Good Keychain: “Have you seen my keys?” said everyone ever. The reality is, it’s easy to lose your keys, but very difficult to get anywhere without them. We recommend getting a thick keychain that’s easy to find even at the bottom of your backpack. It’s also a good idea to get a small wristlet or wallet to keep your license in that attaches to the keys so all of your important items are together. If you do lose your keys, have a backup made that you keep on hand at your house or with one of your parents.things happen

5. Important Supplies: Speaking of back-up supplies, it’s smart to keep some in your car. We recommend a first aid kit, a phone charger, a snow scraper for the colder months, jumper cables, and of course your insurance information.

first aid kit

6. A Lay of the Land: Even if you’ve grown up in the same town your entire life and are a total pro with directions, it’s important to have a general sense of where you are, what gas stations are around you, and alternate routes when traffic is bad. Google Maps is a fantastic tool, but you don’t want to be in a pickle when your battery runs low or you lose service. Having awareness for the place you’ll be spending most of your driving hours in will already make you a more savvy driver.bison in road

Krista Doyle