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Texas Online Defensive Driving Course

  • Approved and accepted by all Texas courts
  • The FASTEST completion certificates in Texas!
  • Meets ticket dismissal requirement
  • Take the entire course from our app
  • The shortest, fastest, and cheapest course allowed by law
  • State-approved for car insurance discounts
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Product view on a laptop, a tablet, and a mobile device

"I love Aceable I was able to do it whenever and wherever after school or after practice."


Only Online Course with a Top-Rated App

TDLR Approved & Certified

Erase your traffic ticket with our Texas-approved driving safety course that is fully accredited by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation and accepted by all local courts. Or use Aceable to get an easy insurance discount!

Quick, Affordable, & Convenient

Aceable lets you clear your ticket in just a few hours for a fraction of the cost. Take our self-paced Texas defensive driving course online for ticket dismissal on iPhone, Android or web anytime, anywhere.

As Easy As Swiping Right

Swipe through bite-sized content on your phone or tablet, stopping and starting the Aceable defensive driving course as you please. Your progress will always be saved and syncs to any device.

Texas Defensive Driving Course

At Aceable, we pride ourselves on offering the best online driving safety course available. Our 100% online Texas defensive driving courses are convenient, and allow you to dismiss your ticket at your own pace from the place of your choosing.

  • Our Online Defensive Driving courses are TDLR approved and certified
  • We are a quick, affordable, and convenient way to start an online defensive driving course in Texas
  • Our online defensive driving is a self-paced course that can be completed from any device
  • We offer the fastest defensive driving course online in Texas for completion certificate and online ticket dismissal
  • We feature small chunks of content on the Texas driving safety course that allows you to stop and start again with ease
  • We offer Texas-based customer support available 7 days a week
  • Our defensive driving course for Texas qualifies you for car insurance discounts and fulfills work requirements

But don’t take our word for it! We are the highest-rated driving safety course in Texas with thousands of happy graduates. Check out recent reviews now and see for yourself!

Step 1 | Request permission from the court

Before you start on your Texas defensive driving course online with Aceable, make sure you can take online traffic dismissal, as certain traffic offenses are not eligible for the course. Ask permission from the court in person or via email. A driver license, car insurance and court fee are usually required.

Step 2 | Sign up with Aceable

Step 3 | Finish Aceable before your deadline

Step 4 | Bring your certificate to court

Check Out Our Reviews

"Defensive driving courses are never fun but Aceable actually made it a much more pleasant experience. I really enjoyed the animation and the videos. Really impressed on the importance they put on how dangerous it is to speed, to text and to drink while driving. Thank you for making a fun course."

Susana Orendain

"Defensive driving usually sucks but Aceable gave it a unique spin that makes it quick and simple. The stories that were shown were powerful and it really opened up your perspective to little things you do when you drive, such as texting. Normally, people don't take away much from a DD course, but those stories of people who got into horrible accidents really left a strong impact on me. The course definitely forces you to rethink how you drive and how to use the rules to help you."

Abhi Kallur

"This is by far the best defensive driving course ever! Convenient and not boring! Excellent customer service! Nicole assisted me with my concern; not only did Nicole resolve my concern, but she took the extra steps. It's the extras that really count! You guys are the best!"

Jonah Ballesteros

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