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California Bureau of Automotive Repair Station Types

Need to get a smog check done in California? Its essential to go to the right BAR station! Here are what the various types of stations are!

California Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR) Station Types

  • STAR stations: Meet BAR-established performance standards. Some perform only tests; others perform both tests and repairs. Often, “gross polluters” are instructed to visit STAR stations, but STAR stations aren’t limited just to vehicles with high emissions levels. Certain vehicles are directed to go to STAR-certified stations for inspections and certifications, these vehicles are called "directed vehicles".
  • Test-Only stations: Only test vehicles and preform the smog check inspections; they don’t make repairs
  • Test-and-Repair stations: They are licensed to both test and repair vehicles (if necessary)
  • Repair-only stations: You can get your car tested here, but they can make any repairs you need
  • Referee Centers: State-contracted facilities that are allowed to perform specific services.