How To Change Your Gender on Your California Drivers License

Changing your gender on your California Drivers License is one of the most exciting steps in your transition! We at Aceable know that even though it’s very exciting, it can also be very confusing. Luckily, the process for having your gender changed on your California driver license is much easier than it is in some other states. We’ll explain the steps you need to take in order to change your gender, and go over the steps to take if you want to change your name AND gender. Here we go!

Gender Change Only

Step 1: Get a DL 329 form at your DMV

While you don’t need a court order to change the gender shown on your license in California, you do need a DL 329 Medical Certification and Authorization (Gender Change) form from your local DMV.

Step 2: Have a physician fill out your DL 329

Fortunately, you do not need to have undergone any sort of specific medical treatments in order to change your gender using the DL 329. However, you do need to have your physician or psychologist fill out your DL 329 form. Unlike the forms for a court-ordered gender change, the DMV will not accept an attached letter from your physician. The form must actually be filled out by your physician or psychologist.

Step 3: Return the form to your local DMV

Once your DL 329 is completed, you need to return it to your DMV. The completed form allows the DMV to obtain medical information necessary to change the gender on your license. Before turning in the form, make sure it’s all filled out correctly. Failure to do so could result in the rejection of your application. No bueno.

Don't forget that your DL 329 must be filled out by your licensed physician or psychologist!

Gender and Name Change

Step 1: Fill out your court forms

Unfortunately, when you’re applying to change your name, you do need a court order to do so. So when you want to change both your name and your gender, you need to grab the appropriate court forms:

Petition for Change of Name and Gender (Form NCC-200)

Attachment to Petition for Change of Name (Form NC-110)

Order to Show Cause for Change of Name (Form NC-220)

Civil Case Cover Sheet (Form CM-010)

Some courts also require you to fill out local forms to ask for a name change. Ask your local court clerk if there are local forms you have to fill out. Find your local court’s website here.

Step 2: Have your physician fill out a Declaration of Physician - Attachment to the Petition form

Your physician needs to fill out an affidavit telling the court that you have undergone clinically appropriate treatment for change of gender. To do this, they can use an NC-210 Form, also known as a Declaration of Physician - Attachment to Petition form. It is very important that this form is filled out by a licensed physician; it cannot be done by a nurse.

Step 3: Have your forms reviewed

If your court's family law facilitator or self-help center helps people with name and gender change cases, ask them to review your paperwork. They can make sure you filled it out properly before you move ahead with your case.

Step 4: Make a copy of your completed forms

These forms are important, so make a copy for yourself to keep on file. Better safe than sorry!

Step 5: File your forms with the court clerk

File all the forms and copies in the superior court in the county where you live. The clerk will stamp your forms “Filed,” keep the original, and return the copies to you. The clerk will give you a date for your court hearing and will write it on the Order to Show Cause, along with information on the time and department number for your hearing.

You will have to pay a filing fee. (Boo!) Find out how much the filing fee is for a first petition. If you cannot afford the fee, you can ask for a fee waiver.

Step 6: Go to your court hearing

Go to court on your court date and take a copy of the papers you filed, along with the Decree Changing Name and Gender (Form NC-230) for the judge to sign.

Step 7: Get your Decree Changing Name and Gender from the court

If the judge approves your request for a change of name and gender, the judge will sign the Decree Changing Name and Gender (Form NC-230). Once you get your signed decree, get a certified copy from the court clerk. You will need this to change all your legal documents, including your birth certificate and other government-issued identification, like your driver’s license.

Kudos to you for taking the next step! Your friends at Aceable will always be here to support you!

Good luck, friend!

Don't live in California? Find out how to change the gender on your driver license in your state!