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California Driver License and Permit Overview

Whether you are getting your license for the first time or wanting to renew or replace your license. We’ve made step-by-step guides to walk you through it all!

How to get your driver's license for the first time!

We here at Aceable are experts at getting you your license, we even wrote a book about it (well more of a guide than a book).

Acceptable Documents to Obtain Your California License

In order to receive your driver license, California requires you to provide proof of your Social Security Number, your birth date and legal status. Check here to find a list of approved documents to bring to the DMV.

License & Permit Checklist

Getting your license or permit can be stressful, but you shouldn't have to worry about forgetting paperwork or all the forms of ID you need. Here is a checklist of everything you need to bring with you to get your driver's license or learners permit from the California DMV.

How to Renew Your California Driver License

You are gonna have to eventually renew you Cali Driver License, we made a guide to make sure you can renew it as painlessly as possible.

How to get your Motorcycle Permit in California

We’ve all dreamt it, riding into the sunset on a motorcycle with the wind blowing through your hair. Well, if you want to make that dream a reality you can read our guide on getting your motorcycle permit.

How To Change Your Gender On Your California Drivers License

Changing your gender on your California Drivers License is one of the most exciting steps in your transition! But it can be confusing, paperwork wise, so we made a guide to make it easier