Renewing Your Car Registration in Nevada

Registration Renewal In Nevada

The first thing to know is that your Nevada vehicle registration expires on the exact listed date and not at the end of that month. So be sure to renew your Nevada car registration well before that date. Luckily in the state of Nevada you will get a registration renewal postcard by mail about 30 days prior to renewal. You will also receive email renewal notice reminders if you are signed up on NV mydmv and have asked for email reminders.

Even if you don't get a mail renewal notice, you are still responsible for getting your car registration renewed before it expires. Nevada does not have any grace periods and you will be charged late fees so be sure to get your registration renewed as soon as possible!

There are multiple ways to renew your registration in Nevada:

  1. You can renew your registration online at MyDMV ( Nevada’s online DMV service)
  2. You can renew your registration at emissions stations (Smog check station)
  3. You can renew your registration by mail or fax
  4. You can renew your registration In person at a NV DMV office or a DMV self-service kiosk

Renewing your Nevada Registration Online You can renew your NV registration online at myDMV , you will need the following info to use the system and renew your registration

  • Access code OR plate number and last 4 digits of the VIN
  • You can renew up to 18 months after expiration date
  • Tax Exemption information if applicable

Renewing your Nevada registration at Emissions Check Stations

You can renew your registration at the same time your get your smog checked! All you need to do is bring your registration renewal notice to a qualifying emission station. Here is a tool to find a verified station near you! The best part is that your registration will be updated instantly!

Renewing your Nevada registration by mail or by fax

The Nevada department of motor vehicles (DMV) asks that renew your registration by mail if you are out of state or can’t use any of the other options. If you mail in, enclose the following:

  • Renewal postcard
  • Payment
  • Emissions test (Smog test)
  • And any other documents such as tax exemption affidavits, address change notifications, or any other relevant documents.

To this address: Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles Registration Renewal by Mail P.O Box 6900 Carson City, NV 89702-6900

If you choose to fax include the same information as above but send to this number: (775) 684-4797.

Renewing your Registration In-Person at the DMV or Kiosk

It's actually really simple to renew at the DMV or at a Kiosk. All you need to bring is evidence of your insurance and your driver license. Then follow the instructions at the NV DMV office or on screen at a kiosk.

The Nevada DMV recommends using the Kiosks over the DMV counter if:

  • There is no address change or unusual problem
  • The registration is on time or up to 18 months late

The kiosk is also super fast, you can renew your license in less than 2 minutes!