Replacing a Lost Nevada Drivers License or ID

Losing your driver’s license is stressful. Especially if you think the license was stolen. Below, we here at Aceable explain how to protect yourself from fraud in the case of theft as well as how to replace the driver's license or ID card.

If you believe that your driver’s license was stolen the very first thing you should do is report the stolen license to the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) as well to the local authorities. This will help to fight off identity theft and other types of fraud. If you have had your driver’s license stolen, your wallet and its contents may have been stolen as well. In this case, call your bank(s) and have them cancel your cards to prevent any fraudulent charges. Doing this will reduce the chance for fraud and greatly reduce any problems that arise from the theft.

Luckily in the state of Nevada replacing your driver’s license (or ID) is easy and there are multiple ways to do it! You can go through the Nevada DMW website and request the ID there. You can also go in person and request a replacement at a DMV kiosk or at the DMW office.

Replacing a Lost or Stolen Nevada License Online

Replacing your license online is pretty easy in Nevada but there are some conditions that have to be met to replace your license online.

  1. You cannot replace a commercial driver’s license (CDL) online your address can not have changed
  2. The license you are trying to replace must be valid for at least 60 more days
  3. The license must be valid, meaning that it cannot a suspended license or a revoked license



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If you meet all those conditions, sign into MyDMW. To fill out the online request for a Duplicate you will need the following:

  1. Your Social Security number (SSN)
  2. A credit card to pay the $18.25 license fee
  3. Your date of birth (DOB)

Your license will arrive soon in the mail!

Replacing license at a Nevada DMV Kiosk

In Nevada, you can skip the DMV office altogether and replace your ID or License at DMV kiosks. Find the NV DMV Kiosk closest to you.

When you get to the kiosk you simply follow the on-screen prompts to replace your driver license or ID. There are conditions you have to meet in order to replace your license or ID at the kiosk.

  1. Your license cannot be a commercial drivers license (CDL)
  2. Your address can not have changed

Then all you need is a method to pay the $18.25 license fee plus a $1 processing fee. Luckily the kiosks accept cash, debit or credit card, and even checks.

Replacing a license, ID or Learner Permit in person at the Nevada DMV office

If you don't meet the conditions for online or kiosk replacement or you just like talking to people you can go to the DMV office in person and replace your license or ID.

When you go in bring proof of identity and address documents, this will help speed up the process and allow you to get a “Real ID”.

Replacing a Lost or Stolen Nevada license while out of State

If you are out of state and need a replacement ID don't worry, the Nevada DMV has you covered. Simply fill out this application with as much information as you can, this form also conveniently allows you to register to vote. Then mail the form to the address on the form. If you have any questions contact the Nevada DMV.

We know that this can be a stressful process and we hope that the information we have provided can clarify the process and reduce some of your stress.