Nevada Seat Belts and Car Seats

Seat belt and Car seat laws in Nevada

Car seats, child restraint systems (booster seats), and seat belts are incredibly important as they can save lives and greatly reduce injury in the case of a car accident. We here at Aceable implore you to wear your seat belt and insure your passengers are wearing their seat belts as well. We ask that you also make sure that passengers under 13 are in the back seat and in the appropriate car seat for their age and weight.

Seat Belt laws in Nevada

According to the Nevada DMV, and state law, front AND rear seat occupants of almost all passenger vehicles must wear seat belts or be in an approved child restraint system. Vehicles 1968 and newer MUST be equipped with lap belts. Vehicles 1970 and newer MUST be equipped with lap belts and shoulder belts for the front seats.

Car seats are not only incredibly important but also mandated by the law in many cases.

If your child meets these criteria they MUST ride in an approved child car seat.

  • Less than 6 years of age
  • Weigh less than 60 pounds

Car Seat Best Practices

The Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) says that it’s best to have your children sit in the backseat until the age of 13. Below is a guide on how to seat and what seat to purchase for your child depending on their age.

Newborn - 1 year

Rear-facing car seat until the child exceeds the manufacturer's height and weight limits

1-3 years old

We recommend keeping your child rear-facing as long as possible. After they exceed the manufacturer's limit switch them to a forward-facing car seat with a harness.

4-7 years old

When your child outgrows the harness seat switch to a belt-positioning booster seat until they are large enough to use seat belts in the back seat.

8 - 12 years old

Use seat belts once and if they fit properly. The lap belt should lie across the thighs, not the stomach. The shoulder belt should not cross the neck or face. Remember to keep them in the back seat!

If you are ever unsure if your car seat is properly installed or you just want to be safe call 866-SEAT-Check or visit www.seatcheck.org to find a free seat inspector near you!

If you would like more information or are just curious of various traffic laws in Nevada check out the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) website.