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Free DMV Practice Test - Earn Your Learners Permit

This DMV permit practice test is designed to help prepare you for the official learner's test written exam.

Are you ready for the DMV written exam? Find out below with Aceable's free learners practice test. A passing grade is 70%, or 18 correct answers out of 25 questions.

Not quite ready to take the actual yet? Aceable offers learner permit prep courses and state-approved drivers ed in dozens of states. Each course features unlimited practice tests featured with hundreds of questions to prepare you to earn your permit or drivers license. Best of all, it's all available on a mobile app or on your computer.

Practice for the DMV written exam before you take the real thing!

Everyone gets nervous about The DMV permit test. But unlike decades past, you don’t have to prepare by studying a dry, boring textbook. Aceable’s practice permit test is the trusted by over 250,000 drivers, providing accurate practice exams, with questions, based on your state’s DMV driver handbook. You’ll head to the licensing office without a doubt in your mind that you’re prepared to earn your permit.

Choose the Right Drivers Ed Practice Test For Your State

Many sites offer generic online practice tests, not based on the laws in your state. This causes many people to fail their written DMV exam. Aceable’s practice tests are based on your state's DMV manual. Best of all, you can download our app and study wherever you are free of charge! Choose your state below, sign up and get started!

Note: While these programs feature hundreds of questions and lessons based on state curriculum, they are not yet state-approved as a replacement for an official drivers ed course. These are intended only as study guides to prepare you to take your state's written knowledge test.

State-Approved Drivers Ed

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