Ace the Texas Permit Test in One Try With This Study Guide

We've sifted through mountains of information (89 pages to be exact) in the DPS Texas Driver Handbook to bring you exactly what you need to pass the Texas Permit Test on your first attempt.

Texas Learner's Permit Study Guide

Reduce Your Stress To Perform Your Best

Our Texas Permit Test Cheat Sheet sets you up for success by giving you:

Tips and tricks for acing the test

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Easy-to-memorize visuals and explanations of traffic signs, signals, and rules of the road

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Day-of self evaluation test prep

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Concise coverage of every topic tested

Texas Driving Test Cheat Sheet

Walk in Prepared; Walk Out With Your Permit

This exam prep tool includes everything you need from start to permit including:

  1. What you'll need to bring on test day
  2. How to find a driver license office near you
  3. How to schedule your permit test

Who Needs This?

  • If you can't study without flashcards to reference before a test
  • If you feel like you chose a bad drivers ed course and now you're worried about passing
  • If you have problems paying attention (we all do!) and you want all the important information summed up for you

If you said yes to any of these questions then this exam prep is a must-have!

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TX Permit Roadblock Busters

Free Bonus

The Texas Permit Roadblock Busters

Leave nothing to chance! Leveraging years of data from student test results, we've created a bonus piece giving you answers to the most missed questions on the permit test.

Accelerate Your Chances of Passing The Permit Test By Grabbing Your Exam Prep Today!