Right of Way From Private Roads to Public Streets

When you're traveling from private roads to public streets, it’s important to know who has the right of way. Knowing this will prevent a potentially dangerous situation. Let’s find out what to do in this situation.

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So you’re in your driveway, waiting to exit when you see a car coming down the road. Who has the right of way? Hint: It’s not you.

When you’re leaving a private road, you have to yield the right of way to drivers already on the public street. When it's clear of drivers (and cyclists, pedestrians, etc.) you are free to go your merry way.

When you’re stopped and looking for traffic, make sure you’re behind the sidewalk so you don’t obstruct the path of pedestrians.

And that’s it! It’s pretty simple. It's very similar to the same rules you already follow for the right of way on different pavement surfaces. Be aware of the rules of the road and other road users and you’ll be fine in any situation.